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18 Jan 2019
Beta XenForo mobile app for Android and iOS - Appify.mobi (XenForo 2.0 & 2.1) 10.34.00

XenForo app for Android & iOS

Appify will create a mobile app for your XenForo forum, on Android & iOS.

We are still in a beta phase.
Keep in mind that Appify is made for you and your users.
We truly appreciate feedbacks and we will do our best to make Appify the best XenForo mobile app ever.

Let's build a great app for your community, with your feedbacks.

Your mobile app in 3 simple steps

  1. Download the XenForo mobile app addon.​
  2. Configure your app using Appify's dashboard.​
  3. In a few minutes only, your app is generated !​

Cool features !
Here are some of Appify's features ! Feel free to make some suggestions on our board, we will listen to you and improve the app every day.
You can find Appify's roadmap here, and the latest changes made here.​
  • Instant content loading
  • Offline caching
  • One click upgrade
  • Two steps auth
  • Native WYSIWYG editor
  • Hide links from guests
  • Push notifications
  • Store images generator for your app presentation
  • Translated mobile app

Supported XenForo 2 addons
We do our best to make the XenForo mobile app compatible with a lot of XenForo addons.
Today, the mobile app is compatible with the following addons, but you can request us to improve the app and make it compatible with some others !​

Demo ✅
If you want to see some of our Xenforo apps, you can try the following ones :

Language : French
Members : 800 000
Messages : 6 000 000
XenForo version : 2.1
Demo app : iOS & Android

Appify.mobi forum
Language : English
XenForo version : 2.0.12
Demo app : iOS & Android


During the beta, a reduction of 50% is applied.

Appify pricing
Get started with Appify for free, and upgrade your packages if needed.​
  1. Free - Android free - limited to 25 app users​
  2. 0.7€ per day (20€ per month) - Android small board - limited to 100 app users​
  3. 1.6€ per day (49€ per month) - Android premium - unlimited on Android​
  4. 2€ per day (59€ per month) - Android & iOS premium - unlimited on iOS & Android​
A company package is also available, with 24/7 support and custom modifications.

More details
  1. When you upload an attachment from the mobile app, if the file size of the image is bigger than your server's limit, then it will be compressed to fit to the server requirements.​

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