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Before starting, I will say that this is a very interesting topic, about which I did not see information in forum, I myself worked on it, but the logs started to become less and less and I went into ditching self-registers and Zelle, you are hardly likely to sell logs with Chase find, you can pour yourself, the main thing is to find a good traffic.

Translation of German Zelle

We should start with the fact that we will work with bank logs, I want to clarify right away, that Zelle is a quick payment to a person who has activated this function in bank, both the sender and the receiver must have it.

Zelle is available in many banks, the most popular are Wells Fargo, Chase, Bankofamerica, Navyfederal, BBT. We will work with a chase, because there is no SMS to send funds. I also managed to send from the BBT for $ 300 and from the bofa maximum it could have been $ 100.

Chase Zelle
I will talk from start to finish how to work out chase logs. First of all, the most the most important element in the fact that the send will go to the insta is that there is Chase lines. If they are good, then you will enter without confirmation of the code by mail, if they are bad, then you have to go into the e-mail and enter the code, everything is simple, you are all completed, went in.
In your browser, you see the Chase account. The balance in the chase can be either on the account or and on the card, we are interested in the first one, so on the screen we see $ 92k on the bank itself and $ 16 on the card. If you are unlucky and you have a credit balance, then you can either sell it or stick it in Walmart, I personally just threw it away.

Sometimes such a miracle comes across, but if you translate "Mortage Loan" you will be disappointed and you will only understand that this is a debt on the mortgage of the bank holder and do something with this account you cannot.

We checked the account, everything fits, everything is ours. Next, you need to check if it is connected Zelle to your account, for this we click Pay & Transfer> Chase QuickPay with Zelle

We press, and if we see such a picture, then the potion is not regressed, which means that the history of transfers through no green. What are we doing? - We just register on the bankholder's soap and delete the SMS.
After we do a day of rest. I do not like such akki due to the fact that they have to swing in smaller tranches of $ 300-500 and only then can give more.

The tactic here is as follows, we regain Zelle, lay off the day, go in, send $ 300-500, give it an instant?
We make another day to rest, send two transes of 700-800 each. However, there is a possibility that after our first small send, kh will burn. Go ahead.

You click on the green tab and you see the next panel, you are already lucky and do not need to register anything.

Now let's look at two cases. You are signed in with Cookies and Without.

If you are logged in by cookie, then you can Send right away, in good amounts, without a bed. Next, you need a drop, namely his Name, Surname, enter in the Recipient name and mail in mail, or the number, if drop registered through it, write the amount, send, confirm, with cookies to me personally easily gave two $ 900, but you are unlikely to get such an even amount. I will write where to look for drops after.

So, you have sent the cache, then we need to find out the status of the payment. Funded - congratulations to you gave an instant and the money is already at the drop. Delivered is the same. Pending Review - means that you did not like the chase and then either the money will reach after 12 hours, or the account will be blocked and the tranza will fly off, well, either the transaction is just will be canceled, but you will have the account, then we just do the postponement and repeat. Below examples.



Blocked account

Gave you instant and you want to drain the whole balance? But a bunch of transactions, until the balance is reset you you cannot do it, because in a Regular chase the daily limit on the green is $ 2k, and in business - $ 5k, you can find out the business account, thanks to the huge inscription BUSINESS in the header (top) of the site.
If you entered by mail, but registered. Everything is easy, we do two days' rest, entering every day in pesonal area and poking all sorts of buttons and leaving, on the third day we go in, the chase is already used to you and just as calmly merge, as if in a cookie.

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