2 Apr 2021
Hello everyone!

Closer to the point, there is hidemyname vpn , it has free access for 1 day, through it you can also abuse

Go to the site , download the software (if you do not have it)

1) On the main page, click “Try for free”

2) Next, we need a temporary mail, we will take it here (not advertising)

Press CREATE TEMP MAIL, then on the plus sign, press generate and receive mail

3) Copy and paste on our site
Then there are two options:
-> may say that the mail does not fit, start from the second point (click to )

-> you have been sent a code by mail,

go to the site, press load, there will be a letter, go on it and in the letter press confirm
Press load again, there will be a code, you copy it

Spoiler: screenshots for geniuses
4) And now you have reached the final, start the program, enter the code and voila your vpn for 24 hours, then when you need it again, start with step 1;) cake

Spoiler: proofs for geniuses

PS Yes, I know many are probably already familiar with this topic, but this method is well suited for those who use vpn from time to time

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