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18 Jan 2019
userTrack v2.4.0 - click analytics script

With classic analytics software you can find out that user X went from page A to page B and then left. Have you ever wondered what users actually do on your pages? How they move the cursor (note that in 80% of the time the user’s eyes follow the cursor), when they click a button, how they interact with your JavaScript widgets, what part of your website draws the most attention, etc.. userTrack does exactly that!
userTrack - Private Analytics with Mouse Heatmaps and Full Visitor Recording - 1 userTrack - Private Analytics with Mouse Heatmaps and Full Visitor Recording - 2 userTrack - Private Analytics with Mouse Heatmaps and Full Visitor Recording - 3

Use userTrack to:
Improve conversion and bounce rate
Take better UX decissions. Understand user behaviour.
userTrack - Private Analytics with Mouse Heatmaps and Full Visitor Recording - 4
userTrack - Private Analytics with Mouse Heatmaps and Full Visitor Recording - 5
userTrack - Private Analytics with Mouse Heatmaps and Full Visitor Recording - 6
userTrack - Private Analytics with Mouse Heatmaps and Full Visitor Recording - 7
If you want you can go to www.usertrack.net , navigate a bit through the website and then go to the demo page to check out your recording
  • Record user mouse interactions on your website.
  • You can view click heatmaps, mouse movement heatmaps, scroll heatmaps, statistics or even full recordings of user activity on your website.
  • The script tracks user movements using JavaScript, sends the info to the server and processes it using PHP and stores all data in a MySQL database.
The script is continuously updated based on feedback and bug reports.

  • PHP (pdo_mysql extension enabled) and MySQL access on the server
  • jQuery
  • HTML5 doctype
  • Google Chrome browser is required for accessing the userTrack dashboard.
  • Large monitor resolution is preferred for improved experience (1080p)
  • Note that the script doesn’t record interactions on iframes because those interactions are not sent to the current document by the Browser due to security reasosns
  • The script is not suitable for highly-trafficked websites. Companies who offer heatmaps have a cloud network to store and process all this data and require a monthly fee based on how much you use. userTrack works even on a shared hosting, but having more then 2-3 thousand recordings may slow down the script. It is recommended to remove all old recordings once in a while.
  • If a user has to log-in in order to access a specific area of the website you will not be able to view recordings on that area as long as you are not logged in as well. Also, if you are logged in as a different user you may see their actions done on your user panel.
Quick note about how we manage our CodeCanyon items
Once we launch a new item we keep improving it based on feedback, so if you buy an item as soon as it appears you will still be able to get for free all the latest versions (we will never create a new item just because it is a new and improved version, we simply update this one) and also if you ever want something included in a current item, simply send us an e-mail or post in the comment section and we will do our best to include the feature you want.Changelog
Changelog is now only updated on this page: https://docs.usertrack.net/changelog.html.
userTrack - Private Analytics with Mouse Heatmaps and Full Visitor Recording - 8
userTrack 2.3.1 (11 July 2017)

  • NEW! Text selection is now recorded. If the user selects some text or element during his visit, userTrack will now also record and playback those actions.
  • NEW! Local timezone. The date and time of the recordings will now always be shown in the current timezone (the timezone of the device used to view the recording).
  • Small UI improvements.
  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixed the previous bug mentioned in the 2.3.0 notes regarding cross-domain tracking.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes click positions would not be stored as integers.
  • Fixed a bug where the unique path to an element was not correctly generated. Also compressed the unique path string to reduce memory usage.
  • Fixed a bug where position: fixed; elements would not be fixed during playback (due to a bug with Chrome iframes).
userTrack 2.3.0 (1 July 2017)

  • NEW! jQuery dependency has been removed. Now, tracker.js no longer requires jQuery to be included.
  • NEW! Autoplay mode. You can now start playing a list of recordings from the clients list. Once one user session was played the next one will automatically start.
  • [API] NEW! UST.forceSendData() allows you to immediately queue the sending of all stored data that has not been yet sent to the server.
  • Performance improvements:
  • As jQuery is no longer used most tracking should be faster as it uses pure JavaScript
  • If you only included jQuery of userTrack this is a huge performance boost.
  • Heatmap should only be drawn once (previously sometimes it might be drawn twice after the page was loaded).
  • A passive scroll listener is used to track scroll.
  • Security improvements.
  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where text input was sometimes not recorded.
userTrack 2.2.0 (12 June 2017)

  • NEW! Recordings that haven’t been watched show a “new” icon.
  • Performance improvements:
  • A new format to store data has been implemented (replacing JSON) which lead to ~70% less storage used for recordings and heatmap data.
  • AJAX requests for storing data have been replaced by tracking pixel requests (reducing network usage)
  • Bug fixes:
  • Viewport size is more accurately recorded.
  • Dropdown option select should be correctly recorded.
  • Other small bug fixes related action recording.
  • Development: E2E tests have been created for us to use in order to make sure userTrack changes and new features don’t break existing functionalities. This doesn’t affect you in any way, just means that new userTrack releases will be more frequent and less likely to introduce bugs.
userTrack 2.1.0 (22 May 2017)
  • NEW! Interface update.
  • NEW! The ability to scale the size of the heatmap points.
  • NEW! Ability to scale the entire iframe/heatmap. This means you can easily view heatmaps for users who had larger screen resolution than yourself.
  • NEW! Changing the page by clicking inside the iframe will also update the heatmap data. This means you can now change the page for which to view the heatmaps for by simply navigating through your website.
  • Started refactoring most of the codebase.
  • Many other UI/UX improvements.
  • Dashboard performance improvements.
  • Fixed a bug where sharing a recording did not work if the tracked site was from a different domain.
userTrack 2.0.3 (24 March 2017)
  • The API to get visitors IP has been replaced with a local implementation.
  • Improved IP2Location API usage, performance and accuracy.
  • City of visitor is also displayed while hovering over the country flag.
  • Created the foundation for a new and improved permissions system.
  • Security improvements.
userTrack 2.0.2 (20 January 2017)
  • NEW! Share recording. You can now share a recording via a public link.
  • NEW! IPv6 support for country flag detection.
  • Performance improvements
  • UI bug fixes
  • Starting with this version the database structure will auto-update if necessary. This means that you wil most likely be able to keep your old data while upgrading to a new version.
userTrack 2.0.1 (11 December 2016)
  • Several UX improvements.
  • WordPress version bug fixes (click position is displayed correctly regardless the visibility of the WP admin bar)
  • WordPress version UX improvements.
userTrack 2.0.0 (5 November 2016)
  • NEW! Basic mobile tracking support.
  • NEW! Window resize event is also tracked.
  • Disable MySQL 5.7 FULL GROUP BY error bug.
See changelog in Quick Start Guide for old versions

Major versions release dates
userTrack 1.9 (20 June 2016)
userTrack 1.8 (09 February 2016)
userTrack 1.7 (4 April 2015)
userTrack 1.6 (8 September 2014)
userTrack 1.5 (11 February 2014)
Version 1.4 (16 July 2013)
Version 1.3 (01 April 2013)
Version 1.2 (18 February 2013)
Version 1.0 (01 February 2013)

Note that this is a very complex script and may still have some bugs, if you find any send the details to tips4design@yahoo.com .

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