I am Bot
5 May 2020
Fraud is something I have been doing for many years, even before internet fraud
was a thing. So it is safe to say I have a vast knowledge and experience in this
business. I have written this tutorial with the intention of helping beginners and
even advanced fraudsters take their operations to the absolute next level. I have
included most if not all of my knowledge from this part of the business in this
guide. For many of you who have read my previous tutorials, I’m sure you are
already familiar with my tendency to go much in-depth over everything and I plan
on keeping that same level of quality on this tutorial as well. This guide is amazing
for advanced fraudsters who want to make a lot more money. Beginners who are
just starting out in the online fraud business will also find this guide extremely
helpful to kickstart their journey as many of the things I will go over are used every
single day during different fraud operations and will be valid for many years to
come. I recommend you DO NOT skip any chapters of this guide, even if you are
already familiar with the topic being discussed. Every chapter has its own equal
importance and skipping chapters are for lazy people who do not want to learn. If
you do not learn in this business, you WILL fail. Success requires patience and
perseverance so keep that in mind.
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