The Art of Doing: Master Networks and Network Scanning


Active Black Hat Cypher
Go from entering "nmap" to UNDERSTANDING the command

What you'll learn
  • Learn how to set up your own virtual network of Kali Linux computers and investigate various networking options.
  • Learn various concepts such as IP addresses, netmasks, MAC address, address resolution protocol, arp tables, routing tables, and firewalls.
  • Learn about port addresses, services such as FTP, SSH, and HTTP, and communication protocols such as TCP and UDP.
  • Learn how to use various Linux commands such as ip, arp, ping, macchanger, systemctl, ss, tcpdump and iptables.
  • Learn how to write your own Bash scripts to scan a network, change your ip/mac address, alert you of port status changes, and quickly set up a firewall.
  • Learn and understand powerful tools like netcat and nmap.
This course includes
  • 9 hours on-demand video
  • 4 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • An internet enabled computer.
  • Students may find it beneficial to know the basics of bash scripting but should be able to follow along easily without.
  • A USB WiFi adapter (optional), only for the portion of the course on changing your MAC address.
  • Ability to install software on the computer such as Virtual Box.

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