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Repeatedly sending messages or advertisements to people on the Internet that they have not requested is called spam. That is, sending unwanted messages or advertisements to people is called spam.

If you use the Internet, then you also have to deal with spam messages, promotional emails. But one needs to be more careful with viruses and credit card fraud.

The cyber world has become a place where there is a lot of fear of accident if precautions are taken.

Now we are providing You Spamming full course in urdu/hindi

Some tips to avoid Spam: –

Use Secure Protocol: – Secure Protocol means that the link which is open is HTTPS or not. S is the most important here. These are the websites through which you make a credit card purchase. If S is not in the link, think ten times before purchasing for this we created Spamming full course in urdu/hindi

Do not click links: – Send a link on social media or email when familiar or unfamiliar which contains a common or shocking message. Links containing such messages are usually viruses. Once clicked, they corrupt your profile again. Fraud has become common through business proposals coming from unknown people or companies over email, avoid them.

Password: – Passwords are the most important part of your security. Never keep passwords in the names of your family members or on the dates of your children’s birthdays. These are easy to hack. Use letters, numbers and symbols in passwords. Keep changing it at some time. Do not click on Remember Me option to remember passwords on any website.

Keep special attention of the mobile user: – If you shop through mobile or use social media, then take special care. After use, check that the mobile is locked. In a hurry, without being locked in the pocket, you can press any wrong button and you may be in loss.

Keep anti virus updates: – You must have heard that security is very good in new computers. Apple’s computers are well known. However, computers also make mistakes and we are also at fault with you. So keep security software or anti virus software updated. This will help identify new viruses.

for understand all knowladge make sure to download our Spamming full course in urdu/hindi

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