Service for monitoring the site and server, 30 days for free.


I want to share with you a multifunctional tool that will be useful to many webmasters. You have the opportunity to test many options for free for 30 days.
  • 100 URL Check every 1 minute;
  • Monitor Response Time;
  • 10 contacts, Unlimited alerts, 25 free SMS/month;
  • DNS Blacklist Check;
  • Domain and Certificate, Expiration Monitoring;
  • CPU, RAM, HDD Load Monitor;
  • Full log, Error snapshotting.

I managed to take advantage of the advantageous offer and received a month of free testing.


After 30 days of the free test, you can choose one of the subscriptions for a month or a year.
You can manually check the following indicators on the host tracker for free:

  • PageSpeed - website performance test from selected location of the globe using browsers.
  • General Http check of your website. Each test simulates downloading of the page by a real customer.
  • Check through ICMP (ping). If Ok, the site or the hardware is available online.
  • Advanced check through ICMP. Does the same thing as "traceroute" program in Linux and macOS, or the "tracert" program in Windows.
  • Check of the specific port via TCP. This kind of check is useful to monitor network applications. If Ok, the port is open.
  • Check if a site, domain or IP is not listed in most popular DNS blacklists.
  • Check if a site has some known vulnerabilities.