24 Jun 2019
Sale of Electronic Gift Certificates (E-gift card) Crossroads, OneTwoTrip, Girlfriend, Rendez-Vous, 585 Golden, Visa, MasterCard, iTunes, Amazon, Aliexpress, Steam, Nike, Asos

Electronic Gift Certificate (E-Gift Card) at a price of 50% of the nominal, it is an ideal gift for any occasion. An original way to congratulate a dear person on the holiday, to convey warm words and wishes. With the Electronic Gift Certificate you can choose and buy yourself any product. Your dreams are instantly fulfilled.

Partial use of an electronic electronic gift certificate is impossible: if the amount of the order is less than the nominal value of the certificate, the balance will not be returned and will not be refunded.

Product updates occur daily! Sometimes even a few times.

When receiving a defective product, we will make a replacement or refund!

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