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ROGUE is a RAT (Remote Administration Tool) made to execute commands with incredible features without a need of computer. No Port Forwarding required so you can control your clients from anywhere using smart phone or with a computer.

Mass Command Execution - Executes command on all bots at once !
• Anti Guard - Restricts/Blocks access to the all Antivirus applications on the Device & on Playstore !
• App Blocker - Restricts access to applications that user adds to the database !
• Command History - Displays Past Executed Commands !
• Anti Doze Mode - Protects itself from being killed by the system when phone was locked to sleep !
• Encryption/Decryption - Encrypts/Decrypts files of all types with a Password !
• Low Orbit Cannon - A handy tool to test your website with a flood of traffic !
• Self Destructive Mode - Wipes and Deletes all files and folders on the phone !
• Screen Logger - Records and logs the screen in the Background !
• KeyLogger - Records and streams the Keystrokes to the server !


• Call Logs.
• Stealth.
• GPS Monitor.
• Take Pictures.
• Records Audio.
• Inbox Messages.
• Device Information.
• Wipes Inbox SMS.
• Send Notifications.
• Fake Alert Dialogs.
• Runs on Device Boot up.
• Execute Shell Commands.
• Enable/Disable Wireless/Bluetooth.
• Default SMS App Switcher.
• Screenshot Grabber (Root Required).
• Makes itself as System App (Root Required).
• Request Device Administrator Access/Root Access.


Anti Guard - Ability to Add Custom Antivirus Apps/Other Applications to Block.
• Encryption/Decryption - Encrypts/Decrypts a Specific File/File Type/All Files !


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