10 Feb 2020
Real Forums

What is Real Forums?
Real Forums is a general forum with wide ranges of content from World News to Graphics to Gaming. We have a guest-block system where Guests are able to view all sections except Premium & Bazaar but they may not view anything hyperlinked. This prevents leeching and leaking of download links or resourceful links.
Why Real Forums?
Good question. Simply because it's a general forum, with great potential and great member base to posts. Our goal is to make Real Forums a fun forum with a little over-decision to keep everything stable.
  • Custom Theme

  • Custom Plugins

  • Great Member & Staff Team

  • Wide range of forums

  • Theme Color Changer

  • 2 Premium Upgrade Groups

  • Active contests & giveaways

  • Points System (Semi-Monetary Value)

  • Fully Custom, Unique Like System (Coming Soon!)

  • Portal System (Updates and Forum Status[If Offline or Online])

  • RealPoints(RP) Shop - Get your own awards, buy add-ons for your profile or threads and such!

  • Alerts System

  • Security Additions

    • IP History Logged - View up to 5 recent IPs user has logged in with
    • Session Tracker - If 2 diff. computers logged in at once, it notifies both parties(Helps with tracking hacked accounts)
    • And More...
  • PM Conversation - View all your PMs from both parties all at once

    Helping the admin

    Real Forums

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