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In this series of articles, I will try to highlight some aspects of this type of carding, like real.
I will say right away - the articles will be aimed at beginners and therefore, when reading them, you do not need to shout loudly that you know this, with the same success others can laugh at the literature that YOU are reading.
So, I will probably not start from the very definition of the case, because if you are reading this article, then either you know at least the basics and have read public shit (This article should have been in the private section of the carding forum), or you just need to leave the page. Let's start with the hardware ...
What do you need to start working? Equipment, of course! But the set of starting equipment depends on exactly how you are going to work. If according to the standard with a balomer - everything is clear - everything is at a minimum. What if you work with stores? For example, buy a product on the card and have the product itself? I will tell you the pros of shopping in other articles (probably!).

For shopping you need much more equipment, in particular:
Card printer
"White" plastic

Now in detail about what is what.
Encoder - a device for recording information on the magnetic stripe of the card (price - from $ 400)
Embosser - a device for embossing cards (embossing-squeezing out on the card the number, the name of the holder and sometimes (validity period)) (price - from $ 1000)
Tipper - a device for tipping cards (tipping-applying gold foil to the embossed symbols) ( price - from $ 500)
Card printer - printer for printing on plastic cards (price - from $ 3000)
All these "spare parts" are necessary in order to prepare the card for shopping as much as possible, imagine the eyes of a cashier if you give him a regular "white" plastic - I think that in five minutes there will be an outfit in the store, do you?
But white plastic, not processed by a tipper and a printer, can be used when working with money loot, they don’t care what card you put in there, the main thing is that there is a magnetic stripe, only I think the security service will not quite like what you’re poking into their money box "ugly "plastic, so I advise you to touch up his little boy with a mackerel or paste colored paper on top before working and paint it with a marker and, if possible, try not to shine with plastic.
But before you somehow work with plastic, you should write something on it, don't you think? So, writing a dump to plastic ...
I will not describe what and where to poke, I will just tell you the structure of the dump, and what to poke is up to you - not children after all
Magnetic stripe is a storage medium with a limited amount of memory. The strip can be fabricated for various magnetic field strengths. Therefore, there are different magnetic stripes for the parameter:
LoCo (Low Coercitive = 300 Oersted)
HiCo (High Coercitive = 2750 Oersted)
The difference between the LoCo and HiCo magnetic stripes lies in the amperage used during magnetization. In order to write information on the LoCo magnetic stripe, a current of 300 oersted is used. For the HiCo strip, a current of 2750 Oersteds is used.
Plastic cards with HiCo magnetic stripes are more reliable and durable, since information on HiCo magnetic stripes is less susceptible to demagnetization by external magnetic fields than on LoCo strips. HiCo magnetic stripe is used in cases when it is required to protect information on a magnetic card from possible demagnetization, as well as to increase the security of cards from possible counterfeiting. HiCo magnetic stripe cards are more expensive than LoCo magnetic stripe cards.
For example, for a discount system (when the card is used relatively rarely), the LoCo magnetic stripe is chosen. For an industrial enterprise, where a magnetic card is used by workers every day to pass through a checkpoint, the HiCo magnetic stripe is chosen.
The magnetic stripe is machine readable. For standard readers, the magnetic stripe is 12.7 mm (0.5 in) wide and 4 mm from the edge of the card.
There are three tracks on the magnetic stripe, along which one or another information can be applied. All three tracks of the magnetic stripe are used, as a rule, in large bank payment systems (for example, VISA). In discount systems, in local payment systems, as well as in access systems, only one lane is used more often (usually the second).
ATTENTION! Only Latin letters can be recorded on magnetic tracks, Cyrillic letters cause an error in the operation of the recording device.
1-track - alphanumeric information: up to 76 familiarity QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNM1234567890:; = + () - '- (key “')! @ # ^ & * <> / \ All Latin letters are CAPITAL.
The information will be surrounded by service symbols: "%" at the beginning of the line, "?" At the end of the line. Service mark "?" is added at the end of each line of the database and means the end of the recording on the magnetic stripe and is not displayed when read. (by this encoder the 1st track is not encoded)
2nd track - only numbers: 1234567890 and the "=" sign, up to 37 characters the space is displayed on the magnetic stripe with the "=" sign, the "?" means the end of recording on the magnetic stripe and is not displayed when reading. The information will be surrounded by service symbols: ";" at the beginning of the line, "?" At the end of the line.
3-track - only numbers: 1234567890 and the "=" sign, up to 104 characters, the space is displayed on the magnetic tape with the "=" sign, the "?" means the end of recording on a magnetic card and is not displayed when reading. The information will be surrounded by service characters: "_" at the beginning of the line, "?" At the end of the line.
So ... What have you learned from this article?
You know what kind of equipment you need
You are familiar with the basic devices and tools for carding
You have learned (hopefully) the insides of the dump
You know what dumps are and where these or those dumps are used depending on the purpose of the card.

The cardboard is just a sequence of symbols, so you can get it without any problems. It is mainly mined with the help of spyware - Trojans. Everyone has heard of such a creation as ZeuS bot, if for you it is still the Greek god of lightning - go buy a coloring book and draw. Today there are many alternatives to this Trojan, some are superior to it in many ways, and some are just its reverse, so there is a very high risk of buying a reverse Zeus, but there is no difference between reverse and reverse. So ... what am I talking about? Oh yes! I wanted to tell you about injections, but it’s a pity for this time, because the article will increase several times! Remember! Injections is a very, very profitable business, and if time and your knowledge and skills allow you, an injection partner can fill your pocket well. The problem is where to find really normal partners
I deviated a little from the topic.

CC can be obtained in several ways, for example:
Hack shop
These are the main directions, on top of all this you can just go and buy it.

- Which cardboard is the thickest?
I personally will not give an unambiguous answer to this question. Cardboard is different and the balances are also different. You can highlight the region where there is the most money, but you cannot single out a separate country! As experience suggests, fatty cardboard comes across more often in European countries, and more precisely in Great Britain, Belgium, Germany. American cardboard usually goes out of tune and jumps with balances very much.
- How do people get money out of cardboard?
This is a very abstract question, cashing in funds is a whole philosophy, it is such a node that stores a lot of material. There are a lot of schemes for withdrawing money from credit cards, some allow you to quickly and interest-free withdraw funds, while others allow you to withdraw these funds, but for a very long time and with high interest rates. The difference in price between these schemes will of course be great. You can also card any virtual goods and sell them right there. For example, the same carzh of steam keys brings up to 4k green franklin per month! Almost everything, from keys to AB, to accounts on the Federal District, is carding. Also, we will not disregard the well-known type of carding - a thing. The bottom line is that a person buys some things on the card, for example, washing machines and sells them to the same cheap stores,
My task is to show, yours is to assimilate. I hope that you have decided how you will be more convenient to withdraw money from the card, and you yourself will find the material precisely to what you will be more comfortable
I think the main issues I cut short, and now propose to change direction, to read the title of the article and to return all the same to the realities, and in particular to our good drops. Drop

Drop is a dummy. In fact, it is these people who take the first blow from the law enforcement agencies. They mainly determine whether the representatives of the cybercrime department will spend gas on the way to your house or save a little.
Be careful! there are a lot of fake drops on the network, that is, after a nice conversation with a drop, your lights are cut off, windows break and mask shows fly in. I think everyone understood what I mean.
Drops can be found on almost any developed board. It is enough to go to the ad thread and you will see topics like "We will receive SMS" / "Anonymous mail" etc ...
It seems that everything, but I think it is still necessary to tell that drops are adjustable and not adjustable. I already wrote about non-adjustable ones above. But about wedges it is worth writing a couple more lines ...
An adjustable drop is a person who is not voluntarily a figurehead. In short, he was simply divorced. Imagine that in the same contact you met a man, you have been communicating with him for six months, he is already beginning to trust you and fulfill a simple request - it will not be difficult for him to receive a parcel in the mail and send it as a conductor on the train. In this case, if they go to him, I may not even give him a time limit, and if everything is done correctly, he will not be able to bring anyone to you.
A couple of life examples from the life of carders.
As you know, carders and drops are inseparable "professions", a short story about why it is worth using the services of drops ...
The situation is this (I describe in my own words based on info from the forum)
A person ordered and received several times from a well-known site of the island. The envelope always arrived in the mailbox. Once the postman brought a notice, the man took it and went to the post office to receive a letter. The letter contained 3g of hashish. At the exit from the post office he is grabbed by the police. The person is frightened and confesses to everything. At first, only 228, part 1 were imputed, a couple of months later, smuggling on a large scale was added to the case, i.e. 229. part 3, for which they face from 10 to 20 years. The man is awaiting trial.
[+] Photo of the envelope
[+] Photo of the testimony of that guy
1) One of the southern cities with a population of over one million
2) Before that there were 2 orders
3) A man often ordered cheap electronics from China (not to distract his eyes, but for himself). According to the police, it seemed suspicious.
4) The letter with which they took him from Holland
I think now they understand that drops are simply necessary in such situations!
You can also remember the cases with KAKTuS, you can read the story about CP.
There are many such stories and there is simply not enough time to tell all of them ...

What if you still took it?

1. What to do?
If you hit and are not sure what to do, be quiet, no matter what the “free” lawyer says.

2. Your tongue is your enemy.
If the matter has not yet reached the lawyer, be quiet anyway and say that you don't know anything, you haven't seen anything, you haven't done anything.

3. Don't be afraid.
If they will hurt (there are various bad methods), say anyway that you do not know anything. They will not cripple - those who do this are professionals. If it hurts, you will endure, but bruises and even dislocations, which also happens, will pass.
4. They will immediately start to intimidate.
They will scare you with a deadline and a harsh article (this is always the first reception of any “employee”) - freeze. Say you're not guilty of anything.

5(!!!). Do not drive the show-off.
Do not insult “employees”, do not act tough, do not show that you are confident in yourself. Do not say that nothing will happen to you, do not say that they will not be able to prove anything. Don't say that you will be smeared anyway, even if it does.
Even if you know that you will go out tomorrow (your dad is, let's say, cool, or your friend has a serious one who can pull it out) - NEVER say “yes, I'll go out tomorrow anyway”.
Got it - stsuko behave like a normal adequate passenger in a crowded subway car - do not drive the show-off and wait silently until you can get out.
You start talking - nothing good will end 100% - they will get to the bottom of it anyway.

6. Do not confess to anything
If even it seems that everything is completely sucks and has already caught a tough point - still remember the wisdom of life - "a sincere confession facilitates the investigation and is a direct road to prison." (and this is not a joke, this is reality).

Know, at first, you will most likely be forced to write an explanatory letter (unless of course there is no direct indisputable evidence of your guilt). Don't write anything. Say you don't know anything and refuse to testify. KNOW - to force you to explain or write something CANNOT.

DO NOT TAKE A HANDLE. Stsuko, DO NOT TOUCH HER at all! You touch it at least once, and you hit. So he gave up. So they will roll it out.

9. Legend.
Do not explain anything in words. Nothing at all!
Have you come up with a competent legend that explains that you are not to blame? Well done.
Be quiet anyway - do not tell this legend to anyone, for now you should be silent anyway.

10. It will hurt.
Then you will have a long time, perhaps within five hours - to fuck your brain. (and they can hurt even all night long - bear with it anyway - the main thing is not to fuck around and keep quiet. And don't even stutter about what fagots they are. Believe me, they know perfectly well what you think of them without your insults.)

11 Threats and intimidation - a little about birds.
You may be threatened (starting from the moment you start to disown everything and freeze) “to be thrown into the cell to the roosters for the night” xDDD These comrades have such a joke. But this is just a joke. Know - first of all, there are no “cells” at all in the ROVD as such, there are only a couple of cold concrete cattle houses where people are kept at night (it’s good if there’s something wooden - remember, in such a cattle you can easily freeze your ass and catch a bad one. disease of the genitals. And who will pay for the treatment for you later. Behind bars your health is only in your hands. Try to take care of it as much as possible).
Well, let's get back to our rams, or rather roosters :-D Know that although it is necessary to scare inexperienced offenders like you with something .. but the roosters are not safe at all.))) In addition, “roosters” are those “who ”, Not those“ who ”.
In short, learn the FACT that until you end up in at least a pre-trial detention center (and this will happen only after * the court * decides to take you into custody, you will be officially charged and an investigation will begin in your case) - well, so , up to this moment, no one you, even if you squint under Sharon Stone and speak in falsetto - well, you understand what - will not happen.
And already starting from the pre-trial detention center - there - if you are a completely spineless emo, then so be it, and if you are at least strong in spirit - even if not in body (and the strong only in body are lowered in the same way as weaklings - there is only really important fortitude) - well, so, there - regardless of the will of those who sent you there - everything will fall into place, and you will take the position that you deserve.
In general, this technique, like any other similar intimidation, is completely standard, and there is absolutely no need to react to this or any other similar horror story (but do not try to tell the investigator “kharosh to make fun of” or “harosh to intimidate me”. keep cool, be calm and SILENT. Do not interfere with the person to work ..).

12. How to deal with all this?
Think about the clouds. About how beautiful they are, how the birds fly there, how the sun is shining and how good it is ...
They will threaten and frighten - think of the clouds. They will give in the face with all the foolishness for being silent with a detached look - as if you think about the clouds - think about the clouds anyway. They won't knock your teeth out, they won't break your bones. And the bruises will heal in a maximum of a week. Ask about what you think - you can say "nothing" (see, do not blab out what you think about the clouds). They will ask about anything else - repeat that “you know nothing” and “you have nothing to say”.

13. Psychological trick.
They will surely tell you that since you are silent, it means that you are 100% guilty - because if it were not for it, you would not be silent. This is also a standard trick - don't be fooled. They need by all means to make you “say” anything. Then, according to the law, you will lose the right not to testify in the future.
Don't fall for this - SILENCE!

14. Take on fright.
KNOW, as soon as they begin to interrogate you - if there are at least some pathetic serious suspicions on you - they will tell you that there is ALREADY irrefutable evidence against you! maximum possible) for each of these articles, as a result of which it turns out that for what you (in their opinion) did that you face at least 7 ALREADY you go for life) years.
This is also a STANDARD RECEPTION designed to scare you and break your will.
In fact, this is a gallows divorce and complete bullshit.
DON'T FUCK. And think about the clouds.

(psychedelic, but no less useful point)
Today they promise you to solder 7 years and scare you with indisputable evidence, and tomorrow they write you an administrative offense for 500 rubles and let you go - because there really is no evidence. For the investigator, it is like a game of poker for an experienced player. If he really has a * good card *, he will just calmly say, “I'm playing” ... If he has nothing, he will pretend that he has at least a full house, if not a royal flush. So it is here.
Therefore, already at this stage, learn a lesson - if you hit - DO NOT BELIEVE ANYONE. Especially what the investigator says. He will try not just to deceive you ... He will deceive you "in a square", if not in a cube! Because for him you are work. He doesn't care what you think of him if he successfully (or not successfully) deceives you. He does not care how much you start to despise him, being despicable and successfully deceived. For him, the main thing is the result. Split you. And EVERYTHING that he will ever say to you will have one goal - to SPLIT YOU.
And, since, I think, you do not share his desires - by and large - you may not listen to him at all. Imagine that his voice is a kind of melody ... listen to it, but do not think about it. Listen and imagine the clouds. Get away from everything. Don't take anything to heart. Your only real task - at least before you are officially charged - is not to give ANY evidence, as well as - as far as possible - to maintain psychological balance. So put away all the bad things. Look at everything from the side. In general, think about the clouds.

15. What can and should be said?
the only phrases you can utter in front of your “employees” are: “I don’t know anything”. "that's not my fault". "I refuse to write anything." "I refuse to explain anything." this is how it should be.)
and most importantly - after each such phrase, say - “I refuse to testify”
(it will be psychologically difficult with this, but hold on. This is the only way.)

16. You will be bred.
They will definitely explain to you that silence is in itself an admission of guilt. They will say that if you remain silent, you will receive all these 7/15 for life. And if you tell everything as it was - (tell your “legend” that you are completely innocent, you have already invented it? - keep it a secret! If you tell how innocent, good and fluffy you are, consider that you have told everything With experience, you will understand why this is so, but it is so.)
You will be convinced that “if you tell how everything was, and thus open their eyes to see how good you are, fluffy and not than not guilty - then you can even go out into the street free in an hour ... "We will not keep an innocent person in custody!"
KNOW - this is another trick. EVEN your “legend” that you are not guilty is ALREADY (!!!!!!!!!) testimony, and BEGINNING TO GIVE INDICATIONS, you automatically lose your constitutional right not to testify in the future. From which it follows that having told any fairy tale or legend, even if you are not guilty of anything for it at least 10 times, you at least fall under the article on giving false testimony (for this, it will be enough for "them" to prove that at least one of points of your fairy tale does not correspond to reality), and this is already a TERM. Do you want a term? If not, then SILENCE!
And keep your legend a secret.

17. Choose your words.
Know that if you are hit, you will be pressed. It is possible to press hard, both mentally and physically.
Remember: under no circumstances say “I don’t want” to collaborators. This will automatically cause a blow to some point on your body. Moreover, the one who hit you will not be guilty of anything - they just have such reflexes. ("I will not" possible, but it is much better and more correct to say "refuse")
Know that you have the right not to give evidence, which can be used against you (for this reason you can, and must not give in general no evidence.)
And they know that you have this “right” no worse than you, and it is this right that they will try to take away from you by all means by the very first - forcing you to tell the story that you are not guilty.

18. If you are still a “witness”
If you are summoned as a witness and forced to testify: according to the law, you have no right to refuse to testify, except against yourself and your close relatives. They can EASILY try to use it in order to get “witness” testimony from you - to use it against you.
If you did not kill anyone and did nothing really bad, but just committed some kind of fraud or, say, any “computer” crime, you will probably, for the “first” time, be called as a witness and, threatening with criminal punishment for refusing testifying - trying to get as much information out of you as possible.
After that, most likely immediately after they have elicited everything that is possible from you as “witness testimony”, they will tell you that they have to temporarily detain you (they have every right, even without the slightest reason, up to three days. circumstances ”)

19. Everyone wants to eat, or a divorce for money.
Further, they will keep you for three days and wait until someone comes “for you” to “talk”, tell you who has very serious evidence against you (90 +% of which is your own, just given testimony), and then - they will hope that they will try to "negotiate". And you can be sure that your dad / relative / loyal friend will give back tens of thousands of wooden ones for you to the trailblazer ... in fact, just for the fact that the papers with your testimony are “given back” and you were released.
After all, everyone wants to eat. And living on one salary is not always easy.

20. Mini-results.
In general, now you already know why, although you have significant "logs" from the provider and you still lit up your IP (well, or, if you are not a cybercriminal, but a common criminal, but did not commit anything unnecessarily socially dangerous) - you were called exactly as a witness.

21. So what should you do?
What to do? - To say that: “you know nothing”, “you haven’t seen anything”, “you don’t remember” (by the way, if you were summoned as a witness, there is a plus - they won’t beat you, they can only put very strong moral pressure / threaten / intimidate, etc. . in general, use for this all the methods available to the great science of psychology. And an experienced investigator has a lot of these methods, so hold on) - and most importantly - do not forget that you actually “know nothing”, “have not seen anything” and “ do not remember".
Moreover, try to convince YOURSELF that you “know nothing”, “have not seen anything” and “do not remember”.
If you are not old enough and you look like a squishy, you can at least cry with these phrases on your lips. They won't beat. But they will instantly understand that you will not get much from you and will moderate the ardor of “polling” a little.
(mind you, pretending to be such an idiot on an interrogation is not worth it. There, if you drive outright nonsense "tears" - you can be severely beaten. clouds. Do not show strength, do not show weakness. And at the same time - do not say anything, except for the described above "I refuse to testify" (Article 51 of the Constitution). And ask to fix it. Do not even sign this!
(Then the lawyer will have an additional card if you hire. If not, it won't be worse if you don't sign, but it won't be better for sure)
It is advisable HERE not to even say “I don’t know” and “I didn’t see.”
And, of course, do not forget DON'T TAKE IN HANDS HANDLE

22. Try to exploit your inexperience.
What else do you need to know: when
inviting you to testify (they are “a tale about a white bull”, they are a “legend”), there will certainly be something like this:

- “Why won't you tell? speak, do not be afraid! you can always change any of your testimonies if you want! And I need them for (well, there for the report to the authorities, so as not to explain the whole situation to the person who is going to do it, any reason can be invented)
-Explain to me in words at least how it was, and I'll write - just for yourself. Don't be afraid - you don't even need to sign this. This is just a formality. ”
Rest assured, although the words may differ, the essence remains the same. They will demand explanations from you, at least in words. Even “no signature”.
If you carefully read the rules described above, then you should immediately have events in your head:
1. Do not say anything other than “I asked you to write down that I refuse to testify”.
(“I don’t know”, “I didn’t see”, “I don’t remember”, “I’m not guilty” in its essence ALREADY testimony. Be extremely careful with this.
2. On event “pen” pops up in memory “DO NOT TOUCH TO HANDLE. "Well done. I recommend reading extremely interesting material, dug on the Internet.
Some materials are borrowed from closed sites, I think the authors will not be offended.
You must reply before you can see the hidden data contained here.

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