14 Dec 2019

Images are an integral part of almost all web pages. Every webmaster has to handle and resize tons of images in their work while creating websites and pages. The challenging moment is to handle image manipulation in cases when images will be dynamically managed and hence, uploaded by clients or website administrators.

Our PHP image resize code will help you if you need to edit, crop, and resize an image file uploaded so that the picture fits the space designed for it.

With our image resize PHP script, you will be able to crop and resize a picture, or both altogether. Using the supported parameters, you can also specify which part of the image to be cropped.

Our PHP image resizer will help you add watermark text and determine its position and color. And last, but not least - you can control the picture quality output, which is a useful option if you need to decrease a bit the image file size.

Using the image resizer code and its parameters, you can crop and resize one image multiple times and load different outputs into your web pages. Like we did on our demo sample. You can keep the source image on your server and all the outputs, while the web browsers will download only the resized images. It is a smart way to keep the page load time low!

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