Leak Pentester academy courses direct files from telegram channel!


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Courses: Guys these are not mega links.. they are real files hosted in the channel named sudobyte! Every day one course from pentester academy is being uploaded... so grab it now! link have been provided below!

Pentester academy - Attacking and defending active directory
Pentester Academy abusing sql server trusts in windows domain
Pentester academy - Powershell for pentesters
Pentester academy - WMI attacks and defense
Pentester academy - Make your own hacker gadget
Pentester academy - Linux rootkits for red-blue teams
Pentester academy - Network pentesting
Pentester academy - Scripting Wi-Fi pentesting tools in python
Pentester academy - Windows red team lab
Pentester Academy - Wi-Fi monitoring for red-blue teams
Pentester Academy - Android security and exploitation for pentesters
Pentester Academy - Traffic analysis: TSHARK unleashed
Pentester Academy - Javascript for Pentesters
Pentester Academy - x86 Assembly Language and Shellcoding on Linux
Pentester Academy - Python for pentesters
Pentester academy - Pandas for pentesters
Pentester academy - Hacker project: SMS controlled pentest bot

Website link: https://sudobyte.blogspot.com/search/label/pentester academy

or join the channel directly: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFXt-FK_m169ElHV0g

i saw one guy scammed you all before for selling these contents for 10 credits.... so i shared this :)
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