4 Sep 2020
Nj Rat Powerful Edition Latest Version Free | Hack Anyone PC Remotely

Njrat download: It is a very popular remote administration tool. It is used by hackers. It was first discovered in 2012 with some features. It was made by hackers from different companies. I can provide you nj rat gold edition download link below.

Download Nj Rat Powerfull Edition Here :

It is used by hackers. It can fully access someone PC and do anything with their system that's why it is a very dangerous rat. Due to time hackers do many changes in this rat and now this time its become a very powerful remote access trojan.


It is a powerful remote administration tool. It is used by hackers to hack anyone else PC. Hackers create a payload from this Remote Administration Tool and then spreads them. When someone installs that payload that was created by this rat. They hacked and their PC shows is this RAT.

It can spread by many methods. People can spread it through phishing attacks, social engineering, social media platforms and forums etc.

There are many advanced versions of remote administration tool are launch day by day from hackers like njrat 7.0 etc or many more. There are many attacks of Nj rat reported in different countries that were attacked by this RAT.

In the year 2016, some big companies reported that spam campaigns spreading remote access trojan via njrat скачать. This RAT gains much popularity due to its functionality.

It is easy to make FUD ( Fully Undetectable ) this RAT server. An Islamic website was hacked in 2017 by an attack of this RAT via adobe flash player social engineering exploit.


control victims pc
remotely show desktop
remotely control victim mouse and keyboard
password recovery from victim pc
run any file into victim pc
run any script
file manager
control panel
process checker
services checker
steal passwords store in browsers
remote webcam of victim system
victim IP address
computer name of victim
system info of victim
active window of victim
country of victim
hard drives of victim
download any file from victim pc
upload any file into victim pc

How To Use Nj Rat Gold Edition

It is very easy to use this rat. No rocket science is required to use this Remote Administration Tool 2020 but there are some concepts to use this rat.

1. open Nj rat gold edition
2. enter your port ( Port forwarding is very main )
3. click on build
4. enter your server details
5. then click on build
6. your server has been created in that directory.

Now send this server to your victim PC. If the victim installs your server in their PC then your connection made with your victim in this best rat of 2020. I have provided the Latest Version Gold Edition Nj rat download 2020 link below.

NjRat Powerful Edition Download Link :

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