12 Mar 2021
NOTE - These methods will not make you instantly rich nor will make you to leave your current job and just full time work on this. This is just for passive income which can be done anytime & anywhere.

Method 1 - This method is mainly for Dogecoin

1. Open . It will ask for captcha. Do it.

2. On the first space provided, you will have to fill out your DOGE wallet address. If you haven't created an wallet, then you can go to the official DOGECOIN website and download their wallet. There are two kinds of wallets ( On the site ). One is multiwallet - this one is lighter and will quickly create an wallet. Other one is Core wallet which will download the entire blockchain ( which will take time ). The third one is even smaller and quicker and that one is the Android wallet. I personally prefer the android one ( my network speed is slow ) but you can go for any.

3. Now that wallet address should be connected/linked to So that it can store small amount of DOGE. Since the wallet states that you shouldn't receive very small amount of DOGE from such as faucets which will make your wallet app slow. So, make an account in so that it can store DOGE which you can use it later.

4. Now after creating an wallet and account in the site mentioned in point 3, now you can link the address through the linked address section in .

5. Now let's come back to . Now you can complete a simple captcha and earn about .006 DOGE per minute. You can also allow it to auto-faucet it for you. You have to just keep the tab open and periodically it will ask for captcha so that it can verify that it is human and not bot who is running it.

6. Here is my referral link - This is optional. You may use it.

Method 2 - This applies to other currencies such as BTC, BCH, DOGE, ETH, LTC, ZEC and many more

1. Here for some currencies you have to make an account in I normally use it for DOGE so I can directly transfer it into my wallet but for some, it requires to have account in

2. Open and create an account. You can use my referral link if you want to -

3. Under the earn coin section, you have several options to earn coins. Pay attention to the site as if you switch tabs or window, then the timer will pause. So for this site, you should open it in another browser window.

3. After using the earn coin section for some time, some items will drop for you. You can either use it to quickly gain experience or shorten the time limit. Personally, I just sell it so that I can earn some coins. In the end, it's up to you how you will use those dropped items.

4. After earning some coin, you can go to withdraw section and choose you preferred currency ( mine is DOGE ) and withdraw it. There is a small minimum ( usually 1000 coins which you can easily earn it ) and withdraw it to either to your wallet directly or transfer it to another wallet which you can later use it to withdraw to you main wallet. For DOGE, you can transfer it directly but in BTC, you have to transfer it to and then to your main wallet.


Personal Experience - I have used ( and currently using it ) both the sites. The first site will take more time but still a good one. The second one is even better as after using this for a month, I have withdrawn 10 DOGE. Since the withdraw limit on faucetcrypto is less as compared to faucetpay, I was able to withdraw as soon as I earned about 1000 in-site coins. For Faucetpay, I have to accumulate about 50 DOGE to do the withdraw. I don't know how much I should collect BTC to withdraw in faucetpay so I can't say about it. But in terms of DOGE, it is 50 DOGE on faucetpay.


Now if you have any question, then feel free to ask. I may try to answer it as clear as possible.

Thanks for reading.