Introduction + Interested to sell access to nearly global access to an individual person's online identity.


I'll start off by letting this serve as my introduction post to keep clutter down because there's not a lot about myself to tell. I've been quietly involved in my own personal experimentation within the cyber security scene for quite a while off and on. I was once a reputable member of hackerlounge(dot)net & TheGoonSquad (TGS) founded by Th3_R@ven until its dissolution around (if memory serves me) 2006, my handle at that time was Th3_M3ss14h. Took long while off after the disbandment of TGS until a couple years ago when my dabbling/studying resumed. Not much else of interest to report, so hello to everyone and hopefully this is the beginning of a long friendship.

With that out of the way, I've come to see if there were any interestin purchasing a small data set I've collected on one individual that contains ~30 logins to various sites, as well as a couple photos of their PhotoID in which all the details are clearly visible. The potential here is massive in terms of phishing, extortion, verified account creation, and ultimately a total takeover of the online identity (to support this claim, I'll mention that Paypal, Google, and 4-5 separate emails which use each other for MFA (in the rare case one of the accounts asks for some confirmation) as well as Q-Link Wireless cellular account which has a litany of options regarding control are among the accounts I've managed to log the credentials for.

I'm not looking for any exorbitant offering for this information, being as how I mean for this to be enticing and valuable as a show of good faith for my first interaction here. I'd settle for $50 in BTC, DOGE, LTC, TRX, or XRP.

Additionally (I hope this is compliant with the rules 'n whatnot) I'm going to list most of the different accounts that I've gathered the credentials for regarding this person and list them below for the lowest points I possibly can, so people can see what I'm offering as well as simply just to try to garner a few points to help integrate myself fully with this community and its features.

Feel free to shoot me a PM to discuss anything at all or if you're interested in my offer. Good day to everyone, and may you all stay safe!

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