CARDING How to Get Free RDP With .EDU Email..


Active Black Hat Cypher
28 Sep 2020
Visit Here
  1. Click On Apply.
  3. Click on "APPLY TO SMC TODAY".
  4. Click on"CREATE AN ACCOUNT".
  5. Clink on"BEING CREATING MY ACCOUNT" and fill information with .
  6. First Ticks must be NO,don't pick middle name.
  7. Pick a birth date that you will remember(or use from fakenamegenerator and copy that in somewhere,we will use that later).
  8. use SSN and config that 4 other Digits with some random number.
  9. use an email that you have full access in that for 1.3 week or more(this time long just for that time when you are so lazy and forget some information)
  10. for telephone use fakenamegenerator one
  11. and for address it's so important to tick that you are HOMELESS(I have no permanent address because I am currently homeless.)
  12. and for others it's clear what to do(Sorry for the sudden font color change)
  13. it's good to save your CCCID somewhere
  14. Apply For Fall 2019
  15. Educational goal:earn a career technical certificate without transfer(it was just my choice,maybe in others get works)
  16. for MAJOR:administrative assistant
  17. for address,again you are a HOMELESS kek.
  18. enrollment status:First-Time student in college(after leaving high school)
  19. High School Education:Not a Graduate of...
  20. Last High School Attended:I did not attend high school...(Such poor Pepe)
  21. Citizenship:US Citizen
  22. U.S Military:None Apply To Me
  23. California Residence:YES
  24. For Out-of-State Activities not necessary to tick anyone
  25. Special Residency...:First=YES.Second=NO
  26. Main Language:YES
  27. Financial Assistance:1-YES.2-NO
  28. Athletic Interest:Optional
  29. Programs & Services:Optional(But suggest to[Child Care-Online Classes-Health Services)
  30. Gender=From Fakenamegenerator,other one =NO------Sexual Orientation:Straight
  31. Parent/Guardian:Can be both UNKNOWN or NO PARENT OR GUARDIAN RAISED ME
  32. Race/Ethnicity:No-----------Asian: Indonesian or Indian or Korean
  33. for next page: Q1: first option----Q2:YES or NO-----Q3:NO-------Q4: No i left in good standing-----Q5:Any number more than 4-----Q6: Secocnd option-----and for others PREFER NOT TO ANSWER
  34. Tick From another student
  35. then click to all necessary ticks and submit your application
  36. for survey tick SATISFIED and NO
  37. now have an .EDU email.just need to wait and check your takes 30min to 3days or more.then go to canvas login in and put your number and your password is your date that you entered,simply you can get a full access gmail kek kek
You Can use this email on Azure,AWS and other things...

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