TUT How to Crack Accounts Basic Tutorial


? The Ultimate Cracking money making Guide - Best for beginners ?

This guide will teach you how to make bank cracking accounts. So lets get right into it:

1) Get a Premium/Good VPN:

You will need a VPN so you can stay protected online when cracking. I suggest ProtonVPN or ExpressVPN. Avoid Nord Vpn. Mullvad vpn is also good. VPN is used so that your real identity can't be found and it will make difficult for the government to find you.

2) Get a Premium RDP:

An rdp will make your job much easier as you can keep it running 24/7 and they usually have very good Internet speeds and this makes them very suitable for checking. You can find some good rdps here on nulled too.

3) Crack accounts:

Start cracking accounts using crackers, such as Snipr, Sentry MBA, Openbullet etc. If you want to start making bank as quickly as possible, you need to buy HQ combos. You can dump databases yourself too. If you all need a guide on that, tell me in Cyberarmychat group and i will make 1

4) Create a Shop:

You will need a shop to sell the accounts that you have created. You can use selly or shoppy. Sellix is also a good choice. But for the sake of this tutorial, lets go with selly. Make sure that your shop looks good and the buyers are attracted. It should have good covers and add as much info as you can when describing a product. DO NOT SCAM, SCAMMING WILL GET YOU IN BIG TROUBLE!. ALSO, PROVIDE SUPPORT TO YOUR BUYERS!

You can also sell in your local facebook groups and to your friends and relatives etc. Try to keep those sales separate from the ones you make on selly.

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