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[font=Times New Roman, serif][size=small]Guys please remember that this is a free access composed to propose educational only and I am not responsible for the way in which the information shared here will be used. You can learn how to protect yourself from frauds and how your information bank can be used by someone in different illegal ways.
Hello carders! I hope you all doing the grid and are sure! Thank you for showing your interest for Cardado School.I have received all your emails and answer all of you.I hope you have found my replays useful and that it could be useful for some of You feel free to send mails with your opinions, your questions or suggestions and I will strive to give you the best advice. I just received an email from some of you with a request to write something about online purchases and collect cc and cvv's.I do not respond to you D. via email but I thought that this answer may be useful for some other carders so here it is.
How to charge out of cc and cvv is using the online shopping method:
1. Online shopping may seem like a simple way to cash out cc // CVV, but before you try to buy your first article online maybe you should give a few minutes to read what you need and how to do it. Of course, you will need a cc / cvv / full .I recomand personal to buy cvv or fullz and ask your medical professional if they came with FDN (date of birth). Now if you have your cvv you should (2)
2. You chose a web store where you would like to try your luck and then you are ready to go! STOPPP !!!!
[font=Times New Roman, serif]The cc / cvv and the web shop are the main steps but they are not enough for carding!
When you want to buy some item using CVV you must think where you can request delivery of yourself. You can send something illegal to buy at home, unless you want to spend some time in jail. And you do not want this to happen, right?
This means that you will need a drop for the things that you are going to buy using a CVV. It is called a person's fall and the place where you are going to request the delivery of goods that are bought using CVV. So before using a CVV Buy online to look for a drop. If you ask me "Dumbby where can I find a drop?", then maybe I'll get angry and send him beeeeeeep! I just kidded guys, carding is a serious business, but this does not mean we can have fun and learn at the same time! Ok, back to the serious part of the post, you can find download using social networking sites, through Y! M (Yahoo Messenger), etc. want to write me about finding a drop with yahoo messenger? Just send an email or Post a comment.
Once you find a drop of the goods you can try to buy something in the web shop, you chose but make sure that the web shop has chosen to allow delivery of the merchandise to a different address than the cvv address. Read the site's policy for Know exactly your rules, delivery conditions and so on.
One more thing you should know about drops. You can never be sure about them unless you use that drop before and he was honest with you. Now, no one is going to play the role of freefall. You can request 50% or something like that. This means that if you want to get an mp4 for you you can buy 2 Mp4's, one for you and one for the drop. Also many times the cc, cvv or fullz-online shopping.txt refund [9/3/2014 12 : 50: 15 PM]

[font=Times New Roman, serif][size=small]happen that the drop will receive the 2 Mp4's and send it nothing ..... rip it. This is the part of the deal that depends only on luck.
This has allowed to have a comment on the writing so effective to the CVV should be considered
1. First, you have to find a drop (the person who will be asked to be delivered the good that you are going to buy)
2. Find a true cvv provider and buy some cvv or try your luck and ask for a free sample but do not make this a habit, if you find a real provider do not change your e-mail and ask for free stuff every day!
3. Find a web store where you can use the CVV code that accepts delivery to another address than the address of the CVV.
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