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5 May 2020
Trainbit is a secure online backup storage and collaboration service that lets you store your files e.g. images, documents, musics and share them with other people.
5000 GB Free space
You certainly have been worried about loosing your important data! Be sure, having a backup of your data, solves this issue.

  • Fast Upload​

    Upload your files up to 2 GB and share them with other poeple to download them directly.
  • Upload via E_mail​

    You can send your E_mails to Trainbit to upload E_mail attachment, it let`s you get a back up from your photos and documents.
  • Upload via URL​

    You can easily upload your files by entering their URL
  • Direct Download​

    Manage your files and search among them wherever and whenever you would like.
  • Download Statistics​

    Let`s see and analyze your download statistics to know how many poeple from which countries download your files.
  • Free Permium Account​

    As you can share your files with other poeple you can also earn some points by each download and become premium user by the points you`ve got before