1 Jul 2020

i have a problem with the trojan "Nanocore".
if i will steal browser passwords from victims,
than comes the usernames,the sites but not the passwords to the accounts.

i will use a password stealer that steal all browser passwords and save
the passwords in the self folder in this the password stealer is.
and than i download the datas from victim over trojan.

can any here me give a clean link to this password stealer.

i haved use from the clean "stealer" - "WebBrowserPassView"
and copy it in a folder,than i have written a batch with the command:

start WebBrowserPassView.exe /stext pass.txt

this command save all passwords from this program that steal all passwords from browser
in a text file in the same folder with the name pass.txt.

but i have a problem with this.
by all victims comes a error message and i think WTF???
becourse not one victim have my language and i cant descriptions the error message.
by me is this 100% funktionable.
must i crypt the data???
or comes this becourse i am on pc with administrator acces and victims not???
how is the command in batch to open a program and the batch as administrator???

the pw stealer you can download from

any ideas???

can any help me please???

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