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5 May 2020
1. Create an account on Textnow
You could also try the app, if that works better for you.

2. Download the 2ndline android app.

3. Create account on twilio and use the trial credits to buy a free number (no cc required)
You will need to verify phone to register, you can use Textnow or any of the other ones i have mentioned.

4. Create free account on smscodes.io
They provide free credits you can use for some sites

5. Some more sites that provide free sms verifications
Receive an SMS: https://receive-a-sms.com

SMS Receive free: https://smsreceivefree.com
Online SMS: https://sms-online.co
Receive SMS online: https://smsreceiveonline.com
Get a free SMS number: https://getfreesmsnumber.com
Receive SMS: http://sms-receive.net
Receive SMS Online.NET: https://www.receivesmsonline.net
Free SMS checks: www.freesmsverifications.com
7 SIM.NET: http://7sim.net
HS3X: http://hs3x.com
Receive free SMS: http://receivefreesms.com
Receive free SMS.NET: http://receivefreesms.net
Receive SMS Online.IN: http://receivesmsonline.in
Receive SMS online: https://receive-sms-online.com
See SMS: https://www.smsver.com
Groovl: https://www.groovl.com
SMS.SELLAITE: http://sms.sellaite.com
Send SMS now: http://www.sendsmsnow.com
Receive SMS online.EU: http://receivesmsonline.eu
Proovl: https://www.proovl.com/numbers
Anon SMS: https://anon-sms.com
Hide my numbers: http://hidemynumbers.com
Pinger: https://www.pinger.com
Free online phone: https://www.freeonlinephone.org
5SIM: https://5sim.net
Capture SMS: https://catchsms.com
SMS Get: http://smsget.net
1S2U: https://1s2u.com
Receive SMS: http://getsms.org
Vritty: https://virtty.com
Text anywhere: http://www.textanywhere.net
Receive SMS online.ME: http://receivesmsonline.me
Temporary emails: https://www.temp-mails.com
Purchase virtual number: http://www.virtualnumberbuy.com
Free Receive SMS online: http://freereceivesmsonline.com
NDTAN SMS: https://sms.ndtan.net
SMS Listen: https://smslisten.com
Free virtual SMS number: https://freevirtualsmsnumber.com
SMS Tibo: https://smstibo.com
Receive SMS number: https://receivesmsnumber.com
Free SMS code: https://freesmscode.com
Online SMS numbers: https://smsnumbersonline.com
SMS reception: https://smsreceiving.com
Trash Mobile https://es.mytrashmobile.com/nu

6. If you have some money to spend you can use these services (cheapest numbers are just a few cents):

OnlineSIM.ru - Also has free virtual numbers
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