Filmpire - AI-Powered Movie Web Application | JSMastery Pro [ 2.51 GB ]


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Couse Description:

Filmpire combines the desire to unleash powerful creativity with the industry's most advanced JavaScript tools including React.js, Material UI, Alan AI, and more. As a way to provide hands-on, practical experience for intermediate to expert software developers seeking fulfilling opportunities within their career.​

Key Focus Points&#8203 :-

- When you join Filmpire, you'll develop the skills, strategies, and techniques that are not taught in many theory-based counterparts, including:

- Why React.js is the best choice on the market for developers
- How to setup a project environment and build the project architecture
- How to use Material UI to create consistent and stunning user experiences
- How to handle errors when they arise and prevent future bugs from occurring
- How to construct asynchronous operations that work independently of other processes
- How to optimize your code for advanced functionality and clarity
- How to handle routing to ensure that requests are directly tied to the corresponding code
- How to create standard and custom hooks with Redux and Redux Toolkit to achieve effective and efficient state management
- How to use AI with JavaScript using Alan AI for enhanced integration and performance
- How to increase deployment success for a smooth launch.

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