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14 Sep 2020

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Presenting here E-Gift card carding method of 2021 As I said this carding method is new and maybe you’ve never seen it before. But it 100% working and very simple. You need to buy CC before you can try this carding method.

You will need a Mobile phone ( IOS or Android) + mobile VPN + facebook account ( same your CC)+ Germany ( DE ) or UK CC, this carding method is working with CC from DE and UK. It is necessary to use this carding method.

1. Set-up your VPN. At 1st you need to use an IP from UK or DE through a solid, trusted and safemobile VPN, if you know what I mean it is OK, otherwise just go to : Then download the mobile app, choose a plan and choose a server from UK or DE

2. Your card, facebook account and phone verifications. The mobile app where you’re going to card is Zeek. This app is new and available on App Store ( iOS) and Google Play (Android) from UK and DE. You will need to create several accounts on Zeek to optimize your results, so 1 card per account but I advise you to use one only for SMS verifications. You will use:-1 card verify your Zeek account phone number - x card for x Zeek accounts. For your phone verifications I advise you to use Ring4 ( ios ) Or TextMe (ios and android). Once you have your card ( CC ), switch ON your VPN and create a facebook account matching with you CC owner name. Download Zeek app, register with facebook and verify your phone number. If you use this carding method remember don’t add your card number in payment method section, you must do it only just before making your order because some banks-accounts mobile apps send notifications to their customers when their card is registered as payment methods on online plate forms like Zeek ! Once your account created, turn-off or airplane-mode your phone and wait 24h. My case I use 12 accounts per week split on 2 smartphones. Repeat the operation for each account you will create, don’t forget to use each IP for each account.

3. Your orders. This is the last and easiest step in this E-gift carding method, login to your Zeek account through facebook, don’t forget to use the same IP used before or a new one but don’t use the same IP for several accounts. Once you’re ready to make your order, register the CC you’re going to use and spend 10 minutes to take a look on different brands available.
-You can choose the amount, in my side. I prefer to start with amounts around £120-“BUY” button, checkout button an after few seconds they thank the carder -To see your e-gift card code, just tap on “wallet”and on your e-gift card ordered.
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