19 Oct 2020
Feature list
Two modes of connections:
Direct reverse connection mode via secure sockets (up to TLS 1.3)
Tor connection:
- Create a client that connects either straight to your own DNS/IP or:
- Via a Tor hidden service (RAT can generate your private v3 .onion address in a few seconds with a single click for enhanced privacy from the settings)
- By using the Tor hidden service method, you do not need to forward any ports.

Lite mode for minimal resource usage
Native client coded in C/C++
Fully Unicode compatible
Downloader - Generate a Downloader for any .exe of your choice with options of execution from memory (RunPE) or disk
UAC Exploit for elevated privileges (Admin rights without UAC notice on Windows 10)
Protect process
Kill Windows Defender
DLL injector (x86/x64)
Multi-mode, capable of handling both Tor and direct connected bots
On-Join/Connect tasks/Auto-commands
Group view
Thumbnail previews for either screen or webcam that you can move and place anywhere on your screen
Process manager
Remote shell
Connection manager
Services manager
Software manager
Window manager
Registry manager
Firewall (IP blacklist from settings)
Change Background/Wallpaper
Black Screen + Disable input
USB spreader
Clear saved data from browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, IE, Vivaldi, Brave, Chromium, Torch, UCBrowser)
Clipboard manager

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