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5 May 2020
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Are you like…Rohit, who decides to redeem his investments when markets decline and doesn’t see any improvements? OR Roy, who decides to redeem his investments when markets rise and wishes to safeguard his gains? OR Raj, who decides to continue with his investments no matter which route the markets take?

If you have invested money towards your financial goals, be it long-term mid-term or short-term, it is imperative that you stay the course and keep your long term plan in mind irrespective of market swings. Moreover, if you have matched your investments with your financial goals, you would want to see the end result by the end of your investment period. How do you create a comprehensive investment plan that fits your lifestyle and nature? Do you have a plan to stay committed in good times and bad? Whatever be your objective to save for the future, the key is to find investments that match your financial goals by investing in products that will generate enough returns.

Below are 5 key factors that will help you match your investments to your financial goals:

1. Be realistic when jotting down your financial goals: It is important to list down and prioritize goals that are specific and measurable. Financial goals vary from person to person. Before you can begin to manage your money, you need to identify what is important to you. This helps you create a foundation to decide what you plan to do with your money. Get a pen and paper and write down what is important to you and use your list to help you determine your financial goals for your money. You should do this today if you haven’t done it already.
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