TUT Complete Course Of Kali Linux In Urdu-Hindi By Dedsec

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4 Nov 2017
What you'll learn​
  • Students Will Achieve Complete Knowledge Of Linux From Basic To Advance​
  • You Will Learn Installation Of Linux Distro's
  • Students Will Learn Deep Knowledge Of Windows
  • Students will be able to Hack the Password Of Vulnerable Websites,Wifi,Phone Etc​
  • Students will Learn About New Techniques Of Ethical Hackers By Practical Examples​
Course content
Introduction To The Course
Introduction To Hacking
Create Virtual Machine Environment
Use Of Kali linux & Network Settings
Updating Repositories and Installing Virtualbox Addition Tool
Installing Of Kali In Vmware Workstation & Google Advance Searching
Find People on the Internet & Learn Kali Linux Commands
What is Keylogger and How to use Linux Directories Terminal
Use Remote Administration by Kali-Linux Commands
Hack a Website with Havij using Kali Linux
Use of Proxychains on Kali Linux
How to Configure VPN and DNS on Kali Linux
How to use MacChanger on Kali Linux Repeat Proxychains
Introduction To Nmap
Use NMAP in Kali Linux And Get GEO IP
Learn about Wireless Terminolog
Windows Hacking With RAT
Advanced Tips Techniques Of Hacking
Hacking With Google Search Engine
Bypass MAC Address Filtering Using Kali Linux
Cracking WPA-WPA2 Using Kali Linux
What is Cookies And Use Of Cookies

  • Personal Laptop/PC​
  • 4GB RAM​
  • 80 GB Storage​
  • Reliable Internet Connection​
  • Basic Knowledge Of Windows​
  • Vmworkstation Or Virtual Box​
  • Time And Patient​

Learn the Complete basics to advance of Pentesting On Kali Linux.
The goal of this course is to help you learn the basic fundamentals of hacking and kali linux,This course targets students who have little or no experience in hacking or penetration testing.
In this course you will learn the theory behind hacking but you will also learn the practical side of ethical hacking. You will learn how to set up your own virtual lab environment,You will also learn how to search valuable information of hacking on internet, You will be able to follow the step you see in the lecture and replicate them in your own lab in environment.and the end of this course you will become a Complete Professional Of Kali Linux.
Who this course is for:​
  • You​
  • School Students​
  • College Students​
  • Developers​
  • Pentester​
  • Beginners​
  • Anyone who wants to Learn Kali Linux in Urdu and Hindi.​
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