Active Black Hat Cypher
1. An introduction to ethical hacking! What is it:
┕Why learn to hack

2. Setting up the lab environment:
┕Laboratory. Introduction.
┕Installing Kali Linux using a pre-built image
┕Installing Kali Linux Using ISO Image
┕Installing Windows
┕Installing Metasploitable
┕How to take pictures

3. Basics of Kali Linux:
┕Kali Linux Review
┕Terminal and basic Linux commands
┕Updating the source list and installing programs

4. Network Penetration Testing:
┕Network Penetration Testing Introduction
┕How networks work
┕Connecting a wireless adapter
┕Changing the MAC address

5. Network Penetration Testing - Pre-Connection Attacks:
┕Sniffing packets with Airodump-ng1
┕Targeted packet listening with Airodump-ng1
┕De-authentication attack (disconnecting any device from the network)
┕Creating a fake hotspot - theory
┕Making a fake hotspot is practical

6. Network penetration testing - gaining access to networks:
┕Gaining access to networks Introduction
┕Cracking WEP encryption - theory
┕Cracking WEP Encryption (Basic Case)
┕Cracking WEP encryption (fake authentication)
┕Cracking WEP Encryption (ARP Replay Attack)
┕Hacking WPA & WPA2 Encryption (WPS Exploitation) - Theory
┕Cracking WPA & WPA2 Encryption (WPS Exploitation) - Practical
┕Cracking WPA and WPA2 Encryption (Using Wifite)
┕Hacking WPA & WPA2 Encryption (handshake capture) - theory
┕WPA and WPA2 encryption (handshake capture) - practical
┕Building a word list with Crunch
┕Launching a wordlist attack to crack WPA and WPA2 passwords
┕Protect yourself from attacks from above

7. Network Penetration - Post-Connection Attacks:
┕An introduction to email attacks
┕Collecting information with Netdiscover
┕An introduction to nmap and how to use it
┕Network scan using nmap
┕Network Scanning Using Zenmap
┕MITM Attack - ARP Poisoning (theory)
┕MITM Attack - ARP Poisoning Using arpspoof
┕MITM attack - ARP poisoning using MITMf
┕Bypass HTTPS using MITMf
┕Session hijacking and stealing cookies
┕DNS spoofing using MITMF
┕Capture keystrokes and run any code in Target browser
┕Launching MITM attacks in a real environment
┕Basic overview of Wireshark
┕Capturing and analyzing packets with Wireshark
┕Reading usernames, passwords and cookies from the capture package

8. Network Penetration - Detection and Security:
┕Detection of ARP poisoning attacks
┕Detecting Suspicious Activity with Wireshark

9. Gaining access to computers - server side attacks:
┕Introduction to Gaining Access to Computers
┕Introduction to Server Side Attacks
┕Gathering information and using misconfiguration
┕Using a public exploit to compromise the server
┕Exploiting a Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
┕Installing and Configuring the Metasploit Community

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