CARDING Cashout through Exchange


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Cashout through exchange is a unique way yet the grey area in carding. It is simple and promising method. Before you start, you would need the followings:

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    A Wallet 1 account Платежный сервис для сайта Единая Касса (Wallet One) – прием платежей на сайте и интернет-магазине
  • A Visa/ Master Card/ Account for the cashout (like the anon Visa)
  • A mobile number of the same country of the card you must cash out (anon SIM+ cell phone never used with another SIM)
  • A Google Translator for translate all the Russian words of these websites
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There are a lot of Russian and Ukrainian exchangers where you can do that, but I’ll not list all them.

Exchange Visa USD to W1 and you’re will be redirected to the Liqpay payment processor page. It will ask to send a SMS confirmation to a mobile phone that MUST BE OF THE SAME COUNTRY OF THE CARD, or it will not work. Now you will see the VBV page, buy a DOB+SSN card so you can bypass it. You’re money will be sent to your W1 wallet. In you’re W1 account you can withdraw the money to a Bank or to a Visa. Withdraw to you’re anon Visa and enjoy you’re money.