Carding Mistakes


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1) One of the biggest mistake new carders do is try to card on big popular sites like Amazon and Ebay.
(You need to know this big sites have high security and they are hard to card if you don't have a method don't card without knowing also methods for big sites gets killed quick)

2) Trying with cc that are "DEAD" before you try on a site make sure your cc have balanced and is "LIVE" just because it says "Thank You For Your Purchased" doesn't mean you cc is Live. it will get your purchased cancelled quick.

3) Putting Random billing some site will cancel your order for that. Brought to you by hackfreaks official
(if you don't have the cc billing put your shipping address as billing address don't put random)

4) If you are carding with Public cc is mandatory to card Cardable Sites
(With public cc don't try big sites you need to find cardable sites for Public cc)

5) Bins you can get bins for sites for example Nike there's Nike Bins that will get your order Shipped if you have the cc Full info.
(Bins get killed quick on sites so it must be a fresh working bin not an old one that people already killed on that site)

6) Killing the cc after purchased.
(If you purchase something and kill the cc right after some sites will cancelled your order because the bank will block the cc for suspicious activity)

7) Having bad VPN.
(there's some VPN that the IP is detected on some sites like NordVPN)

? Not knowing sites methods.
(Sometimes you card sites but those sites have tricks to get shipping that's why you need to know if there's a method for that site)

9) Trying to card sites that are killed.
(Don't try to card on sites that everyone is trying to card card on site that no one knows about)

10) Putting the fake information.
(Put the right billing info and put a valid phone number you can use TextNow for some sites if you put random phone number and Billing it will get cancelled for some sites)

11) Using Random email.
(Don't use temp email for your purchased use real valid email the older the better)

12) Buying High balance items.
(On some sites if you buy items for like 2k they will cancel your order because the bank will lock the cc)

13) Ordering 10+ items in one single purchase
(If you order a lot of item that's not usually from a site it will look like you trying to kill cc and they will notice)

NOTE: There's tons of reason on why your item is getting cancelled it depends on the site you are trying to card each site have different methods i recommend carding on easy cardable sites if you don't know what you are doing. Follow these rules and you will reduce getting your stuff cancelled.

More info:
When a website receives an order of about $1000, we understand that they try to protect themselves. What is the first thing that a website will do to verify the order? That’s right, they will call the issuing bank and will check if the billing phone number you entered is correct, otherwise they will ask for it, and will ring it. And keep supporting hackfreaks official You can receive the call, or the cardholder will, depending if you ATO’d the account correctly.

This is why orders get canceled when newbies enter a credit card order and expect to receive a free iPhone from the Apple store. They are not fools and want to protect themselves. However, if you took care of changing the billing number on file, you will get the call and you will be able to confirm the order.

Not so fast, a call is not simply “is everything okay?” but rather a verification call where they want to see if you are really the cardholder or not. They sometimes ask you for verification questions similar to Verid questions, but all the questions are taken from public reports. They can also ask you if you put the shipping address on file with the bank (you hopefully did), and they will call the bank to verify. Also, in some rare cases, they can make a conference call with you and the bank, but you will be asked for the usual questions, which means last 4 of SSN, DOB, last transactions, etc.
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