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You can download here carding full course in urdu/hindi 2020

What is Carding and How to Do It Here Is Full Guide Step by Step.

What is Carding and How to Do It Here is a Full Step-by-Step Guide.

Here is a complete step-by-step guide on how to make cards and how to make them.

Credit card fraud is not easy, it can only be done by professional hackers and know credit card details and how to monitor credit card information,

For card fraud, use the hacker or Carder 3 steps, following.

First, hackers steal credit card information, which they use in many ways

Internet monitors are all websites where information about cards is pending (for example – shopping center)

Customers go to markets, supermarkets, bus stops, ATMs, people from there instead of CC owners, name.

By viewing CVV or cvv2, the date is memorized by hand and, via the social networking site, collects public information.

Sometimes, hackers rob a bank, a shopping center, and look up all the card details on it.

After collecting credit card information, hackers sell the information to another cardholder, or use the information themselves.

Cardholders buy products from online shopping stores using electronic credit cards or digital currency such as Bitcoin, Nettler

What is CC and how do you skip CC or CCV2?

I have full understanding in my videos on how to do proper Carding without socks or RDP

we have tell you how to do proper carding if You want more courses like carding full course in urdu or hindi Then You can contact us anytime for request us to provide a course free of cost . Make sure to Watch our carding full course in urdu & Hindi 2020 free download .

Download below carding full course in urdu/hindi 2020

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