BTC Transaction Intercepror (Double BTC)


Today, I'd like to share you a working method to intercept and double BTC payment.

For this you need two BTC account.

The sending wallet and receiving wallet.

Now Purchase the BTC Transaction Intercepror App here:
This app works by intercepting an uncompleted payment within the BTC networks by executing various interceptive command from the app.

Open your BTC account desktop app or via browser where you are sending from:

Initiate the payment to the receiving wallet.

BTC take several confirmation process before funds reflect in the receiving wallet.

Immediately you initiate the payment, copy the Sending & Receiving Wallet ID then launch the BTC Transaction Intercepror.

Once you launch

Enter the appropriate sending wallet, amount, receiving & Sending wallet ID.

Once you confirmed that you fill this information appropriately, click intercept transaction.

On before final confirmation, the BTC payment will be intercepted based on the command passed.

You can either:
- Pause Transaction
- Return Transaction
- Double Transaction and so on.

You can use the Blockchain Tracking ID or Wallet Confirmation ID to monitor but make sure you follow the instructions as explained.