16 Jun 2020
Hello, I'm back. this is VladsGG from Fraudstercrew.to and Fraudstercrew.org.

I'm currently building a hacking tool bot(RAT) that sends information from victims browser to your server. I am in need of users to use my bot for their own profit

You can use my bot for free and can give suggestions or opinions on it.

What does it do?
I have a builder bot that builds an exe file for you that you can then spread
when the victims run the exe file the following information will be sent to your own Discord server

- Browser saved logins (user/email :.pass)
- Browser Cookies
- Browser saved credit card info
- Basic PC Info

I will be updating my bot weekly

if you are interested in this, you can hit me up on Discord: VladsGG#1337 or DM me here on the site