NULLED All-In-One Password Recovery Pro Enterprise 2021 v6.0.0.1 Portable


Active Black Hat Cypher
One software to recover ALL your passwords from 170+ popular Windows apps. Did you forget password of your email, social network, website, FTP, messenger, downloader, database or Wi-Fi login? If so All-In-One Password Recovery Pro can help you to instantly recover ALL your passwords.

Our 10+ years of research work into one master piece for you:
- Recover all type of passwords
- Recover passwords from 170+ windows apps
- New Smart Password Recovery engine to find more passwords (NEW!)
- Recover Website passwords from 60+ browsers (NEW!)
- Recover new Chrome v80+ passwords also
- Recover Email passwords from 10+ email clients
- Recover FTP passwords from 30+ FTP clients
- Recover 20+ Database Manager passwords (NEW!)
- Recover Social Network passwords
- Recover Wi-Fi (WEP,WPA, WPA2, WPA3) passwords
- Recover Windows VPN & Dialup passwords (NEW!)
- Recover FTP, messenger, downloader,router passwords
- Recover from portable apps/external disk
- Command-line version to run from scripts
- Automation of password recovery
- Save passwords to HTML,CSV,XML,JSON, SQLite file
- Portable Unlimited Edition to run directly from USB disk
- Supports All Windows PCs (XP to Windows 10)

Recover All Type of Passwords:
- Website Login Passwords
- Email Login Passwords
- Social Network Passwords
- Messenger Login Passwords
- Download Manager Passwords
- FTP Login Passwords
- Router Passwords
- Database Manager Passwords
- Remote Desktop Passwords
- Windows VPN & Dilaup Passwords
- Wi-Fi (WEP,WPA,WPA2,WPA3) Passwords (NEW!)
- Windows Credential Manager Passwords (NEW!)

One Click to Recover All Passwords
- With just a click of button you can recover all passwords from 100+ apps without worrying where the passwords are saved or how it is encrypted.

Recover Passwords from Portable Apps/External Drives
- Advanced Settings allows you to recover passwords from non-default profile locations, portable browsers or profiles copied from another laptop.

All-In-One Password Recovery
- Instantly Recover ALL Your Passwords from Top Apps

Recover from 170+ Windows Apps
- Recover Your Passwords from 100+ Popular Windows Apps

Recover from Custom Location
- Recover from Portable Browsers, Custom Locations or Another Computer

Command-line Options
- Helps you to run it from your scripts or program

Report in Popular File Formats
- Generate Password Report in HTML/CSV/SQLite/XML/JSON file format

Recover from 32-BIT & 64-BIT Apps
- Recover Passwords from 32-bit & 64-bit Email Clients/Browsers/Messengers

Master Password Support
- Recover Passwords from Master Password Protected Firfox & Thunderbird

Automation of Recovery
- Save Your Time by Automating Password Recovery Process

Release Notes:
- New Smart Password Recovery engine to find more passwords (NEW!)
- Recover Website passwords from 60+ browsers (NEW!)
- Recover 20+ Database Manager passwords (NEW!)
- Recover Windows VPN & Dialup passwords (NEW!)


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