Active Black Hat Cypher
RDP from UK (Tested and work with premium HMA vpn)
- CC Full Info (UK)
- Your Info's (name,surname,addres,city,country,state,zip, etc.)

1) Find a nice UK RDP .
2) Login to your RDP via Remote Desktop Connection.
3) Start the web browser (mozilla firefox, chrome, opera ...) and clear the cookies/cache/history.
4) Go to

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and look up if your IP is not blacklisted.
5) If you're using Socks5 change the timezone to your PC to be the same as the IP's.
6) Jump to the
7) Open a account and confirm it.
8) Bill Info = Credit Card from UK full infos (all need to be same, put the random number that starts with the state nr code)
Shipping info = Your personal infos .
9) Use Gmail email no hotmail or ym .
10) Place the order.
11) After 24 hours your order will accepted, and after 48-72 hours your order will be shipped out.
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