1 Jul 2020
Note: I am not responsible how you use this method.
This method is shared only for educational purpose.

How To Log In Without ID and Password:

What You Need?

1. Google Chrome,or (I have Test it and it works with Firefox)

2. Internet

3. Brain

How and why does it work?

Blockchain provides a features to reset our password and email using the 12 word recovery phrase.
We will generate random 12 word recovery phrase and use that phrase to change the email and password
of the blockchain wallet.


You need new email address each time. It will replace the existing wallet id so better save your wallet id
somewhere else otherwise you may loose your account.
After you completed to note your wallet id let’s start our tutorial.

Note: You would need alot of patience and good luck to hit some account with high balance.

Now Lets begin How To Log In Without ID or Password - 2021 Method :

You need to reply or upgrade your account in order to see the Hidden content.
The Chance a Account to become with high balance is 50%50 I think,but i have found a Account with

a little Balance after 2 Days first.