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26 Nov 2021
(Because many people having issue in using sqli) 😔

(By this method you can crack easily HotStar Ganna saavn etc... Account )

1. Visit
Link- https://keywordtool.io

2. Search keywords related to your combo..
{Like you have to crack HotStar then search HotStar there}

3. Now copy all keywards...

4. Now open slayer leecher 0.6 version will drop that below this tutorial

5. Now paste all keywards in the keywards option

6. Now after pasting all keywords in the place of keywords now click start button.

7. Now wait for sufficient resultants... Around 5-10k

8. Now filter them

9. click on Grab now!
10. now click on pass to leecher...

11. Now put proxy that you have
Like http or socks
If you don't have scraped one download proxies from
Link- https://proxyscrape.com/free-proxy-list

12. Then click start button! You will start getting combos there...
After getting combos save them!

🔆🔅Now open Strom 🔅🔆

1. Click on load then put configuration files that you want to crack
(If you don't able to find then click on class by ThaNos now scroll down below of description and now click on files there you will find all files that you need)

2. now after loading config file now setup bot like - 100-200 according to you....

3. Now click on top left side 3lines and go to combo and proxy and put your combo and proxy

4. Go back to previous page by clicking left top side 3lines

5. Now click on START button

6. Now again click on left side top corner 3 lines and click on stats
There you will see how many hits and free account you were getting from your combo...😊👍