So, today I wanna share with all of u the world of "selling your unused internet "
Just to have an idea of the earnings: I live in Italy (btw sorry for my terrible English ahah, I tried my best ) with a connection of 150 MB/s and I earned in a month 65 Dollars. I didn't become a millionaire but I thought that 65$ without any ref and any extra cost and effort weren't so bad so I decided to share and clarify that "business". It can't be saturated so easily ahah.
To start earning you just need a connection and a pc/phone. You don't need money or other things to start earning.
I don't wanna waste your time so I'm gonna list all the secure* sites/services that I found and tried. If you already know all the listed sites, it is useless to continue reading this thread.

Sites that I tried:
(To get redirected to the page u just need to click the blue name)

There are many more sites that do the same things like Nanowire or Privatix but they are way less controlled than the other that I mentioned and used for a month.
What do I mean by "less controlled"?

*I want to be clear with everyone who read that type of thread: this method is not 100% secure and can create problems with your IP. Selling you "unused internet" means that some external user use your IP to do things (U know what I mean, we are all on the same forum )
It is rare but your IP can be blacklisted from some services or sites! All the sites I mentioned CLAIM that they know what your network is used for and protect you from evil behavior, but they can fail. If u wanna use that type of service u need to know that.

If you are still interested after I explained the risk to you:

How do these sites work?
Well, if it wasn't clear with the previous disclaimer, these services sell some of your unused connection and give u some money based on how much GB u send to them.
The amount of money that u will receive just depends on where u live. Usually, if u live in a rich country, u will get more money. For example in Earnapp, if u live in the United States, u will receive 2$ for every GB u send. Every site has a different price but the general rule is always the same: richer state = more money.
To get started with these programs u just need to register from the sites and download their sharing app.
The funny part (for me at least)? U can download all the apps and use them simultaneously without a problem.
They don't need a lot of your connection and they don't use so much memory so you can run all their programs and your pc will run normally without any slowdown and u can install them on multiple devices.
U can download them, enable the "start on the PC startup" and u can do all your stuff (studying, playing, streaming, etc) without noticing all these types of app running in the background and earning some money.

Idk why but some people exchange these programs for miners so I want to be clear: these services ARE NOT MINER AND DON'T USE YOUR GPU/CPU.
If you wanna try a free legit website miner (without gpu/cpu) you can try RyzEx.
These types of website usually close they withdraw after they reach a X amount of money (it can be a good or a bad website, we can't know, I just know that their domain will expire in one year so I think that they are gonna closing withdraws in May).
It still working today (21 November 2021) so u can try it and, in case u wanna farm here stacking your money, alway check daily if the withdraw still working. (TrustPilot can be very helpful)
If this sites will stop doing a legit work, I'll remove instantly the link

Every site has a different withdraw:
Honeygain - U can withdraw only if u gained 20$ and the payout methods are with PayPal or BTC
PacketStream - The minimum cashout is 5$ and the only payout method is PayPal at the moment
EarnApp - The minimum cashout is 5$ and the payout methods are PayPal and Amazon gift cards
Peer2Profit - Is a long list ahah, is better if u check alone but u can withdraw with crypto and not with PayPal
IProyal - The minimum cashout is 5$ and the payout methods are with PayPal or BTC
Spider - The minimum cashout is 20$ and the only payout method is PayPal at the moment
(U can check alone all of this informations on the relative site but I wanted to make it easier for u ahah)

Now I wanna spend some words on the referral programs of these sites:
So, all the sites have a ref programs that give to the ref owner a % of your earning, but only someone actually gives u something at the start. U can use my ref or your friend's ref, it is not important, just use it at least on these sites:
Honeygain gives u free 5$
Spider gives u free 5$

Until I'll continue to use these types of app, I'll be updating this thread eventually with new sites or some news.
I hope my guide was at least a little useful and I also hope to have shown you something new or, just in case you already know these types of sites, at least u discovered some new app where u can make more money.

Have a nice day ❤
P.S: just to let it know to all the guys who are using dogetrix, I just wanna say that it is officially dead :c
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