sql beginners

  1. itxfahdi

    HQ LEAKS Ethical Hacking SQL Injection Full Course By Troy Hunt Worth 100$

    Ethical hacking SQL Injection 01. Why SQL Injection Matters 02. Understanding SQL Queries 03. The Mechanics of SQL Injection Attacks 04. Discovering Schema and Extracting Data 05. Blind SQL Injection 06. Advanced SQL Injection Concepts 07. Defending Against Attacks 08. Evasion...
  2. Stroxen

    Sql for dummies - Learn sql from scratch.

    The secret is SQL, and once you get the hang of that, you can build relational databases and get valuable information into and out of them with ease. Here's how to structure a database management system with SQL, implement the design, protect your data, access and work with it, maintain your...