1. I

    Jshop Question / Thoughts

    So for a while now I've seen that jshop is being advertised / has been. Somehow even on known legit platforms, sites, etc. What rly confuses me, is when the real one original left the game he swore he'd never come back. So am I only one thinking fake/imposter/or feds?
  2. cashout133

    ANNOUNCEMENT Cash Out Gang - Looking For Partners

    Hey guys, So here is a little bit about myself, my name, what I do, have done and what I am planning on doing. ================ Who am I? / What have I done? =============== So I am CashOutGang1337, Also known as Blueskies1337. I consider my self to still be newer to the whole "Darkweb" and...
  3. cashout133

    [LF] Autoshop Script / Botnet Script

    I have been looking for a decent marketplace script - something ideal would be something like or or some shit... dont know if anyone has anything like that available or not.. but if ya do, deff. hit me up.
  4. w34v3r


    Swappa is an e-commerce company developed and founded in 2010[1] for the facilitation of sales of new and used mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, wearable technology, and laptops, smart home technology, gaming products, digital cameras, and camera lenses as an alternative to other...
  5. Jacqueline

    Need Multi Vendor script

    Hi please help me out where I can buy multivendor shop script where me and sellers can sell smtp, accounts, cvv, and banking and other stuff ? there are many markets coming daily
  6. Phoenixagent

    Thread closed!

    Thread has been closed !
  7. Querly


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  8. Querly


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