1. thevampire

    [LQ] Amazon Automatic-Refund Method

    Orders under $100 and domain Hidden content
  2. J

    clicking/refunds are they legit?

    Seen a lot of people posting about them lately but don't know if they even work
  3. thevampire

    HQ LEAKS The Ultimate All-In-One Refunding & Social Engineering eBook

    So today, I have something to share with you. It’s The Ultimate All-In-One Refunding and Social Engineering E-Book by someone called Raple. Anyways, I’ve had a good look at this E-Book and I must say it is probably one of the best. It contains everything from choosing a store for refunding to...
  4. Raajanfaiz


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  5. Money713

    TUT Refunding Method

    Refund methods -I have done refunds up to 1500$ with this method Enjoy this Method, LEAVE A LIKE AS TRIBUTE CLICK-HERE
  6. SivaThe009

    SCRIPT ? 4 Most Popular Refunding Methods.

    ? [ 4 Methods Combined ] IF YOU DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL WITH IT I SHALL NOT HELD RESPONSIBLE , THIS GUIDE IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY Alright so i've decided to put all the known refund methods into 1 thread to make it easier for people and also because every "new refunding method" people post...
  7. R

    CARDING Amazon Carding Method

    Refunding Can be DOne through this!!Hidden content
  8. R

    TUT Samsung Refund Method

    ? Samsung Refund Method ? This Method Is Quite Easy And Working❤ Steps:- Step 1 - Go To And Select Your Product. Step 2 - Add That Product To Cart And Register A New Account Step 3 - On Checkout Use Payment Method As PayPal And Pay Through Your Account.. (Credit/Debit Card) Step 4...