1. Zysterma


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  2. P

    REQUEST R.A.T source Codes

    I am interested in open source rat codes- Thx
  3. Z

    TOOLS RATs Pack V9 by Arsium Vol.3

    Content: CinaRAT VirusRat v8.0 Beta InfinityRAT - Cracked DalethRAT 1.0 Nitr0 Z3us DiamondRAT WOLFRAT v2.1 Lime-Worm-0.5.8D Viral-Rat 1.0 By Sameed CobianRAT v1.0.40.7 LuxNETRAT v1.1.0.4 Cracked Vayne Rat RDP Multi Tool - _edBy [_PCR_] NingaliNET v1.1.0.0 - cracked XpertRAT v3.0.10 By Abronsius...
  4. Z

    TOOLS RATs Pack V9 by Arsium Vol.2

    Content: CyberBot - Worm V1.0.4 SpyGate - RAT v0.2.6 [reNew by ExceLLo] + Refud LuxNetRat Blue-Eagle-Shades-8.1 DarkConnect v3.4 Death-RAT V0.10 Spy_Byte_Pal - Custom Ports DeadRAT v4.1 Beta RT-101 ImperiumRAT Cracked Alliance RAT v0.3x LimeRAT v0.1.9.1 Coringa-RAT Spy_Byte_Pal WARZONE RAT...
  5. M

    Leak Latest Mobile Hacking Tool Download | SpyNote 4 Cracked

    It a stable and very fast working RAT ( remote administration tool ) used by hackers to hack android devices from anywhere in the world. It is a paid RAT but I will provide you the download link cracked version of this rat which will bypass spynote 4 activation code Download Here ...
  6. M

    [ Cracked ] Download WH RAT ( Android + Windows ) | Hack Anyone Mobile And Computer Silently

    [ Cracked ] Download WH RAT ( Android + Windows ) | Hack Anyone Mobile And Computer Silently WH RAT Android Windows : It is best Remote Administration Tool of 2020 which supports both Android and Windows. It can use to hack android mobiles or Windows PC with their undetectable payload. I can...
  7. boss06

    TUT How To Setup RATS and BOTNETS

    Hey fraudstercrew boss06is back with the bang i am posting this methods for the people who have purchased or want to purchase but do not know how to setup RAT or BOTNET I hope that you all will like it and spread our forum as much as you can Hidden content
  8. D

    TOOLS Paid Hacking tools for free leaked

    ??? Tools[1.32GB] Content:-=Stripped Content=- ★ Admin Page - Login Page Scanner [1.1MB] ★ Crackers [30.8MB] ★ Crypters and Binders [141MB] ★ Dork Scanner [3.8MB] ★ Dos/DDoSer/Flooder [112.9MB] ★ Forensic Tools [581KB] ★ Keyloggers [15.8MB] ★ Misc. Web Tools [48.6MB] ★ Networks Tools [14.9MB] ★...