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    TOOLS RATs Pack V9 by Arsium Vol.2

    Content: CyberBot - Worm V1.0.4 SpyGate - RAT v0.2.6 [reNew by ExceLLo] + Refud LuxNetRat Blue-Eagle-Shades-8.1 DarkConnect v3.4 Death-RAT V0.10 Spy_Byte_Pal - Custom Ports DeadRAT v4.1 Beta RT-101 ImperiumRAT Cracked Alliance RAT v0.3x LimeRAT v0.1.9.1 Coringa-RAT Spy_Byte_Pal WARZONE RAT...
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    TOOLS RATs Pack V9 by Arsium Vol.1

    Content: BlueEagleSplitter xTSR v1.1.0.6 Crack by XSterix & 0xffe LeGendRat v1.9 By Ahmed Ibrahim LimeRat Release Last Version jrat-v5 SlayerRAT v0.7.2 By X-Slayer wiRAT v0.1.5F Shia Hacker School - Ratv 1.0 Quasar Golden Edition NajranRAT V1.3E SHIA CORE 7 Coringa-RAT v0.3 By SOOFT T...
  3. M

    TOOLS Hack Anyone Android Mobile Remotely With SpyNote 5 Hacking Software

    I am proving to you this android rat software only for educational purposes. Don't use this android remote administration tool for illegal purposes. Use this on your own android devices. Download SpyNote V5 Here : https://www.majidzhacker.com/2020/12/spynote-v5-cracked.html All credits go to...
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    TOOLS SpyNote 5 Latest Version Android RAT Download

    It is a powerful and best Android RAT ( Remote Administration Tool ) to remotely hack android devices. It is used by hackers and pen-testers to hack android devices by using this tool. Download SpyNote 5 Here: https://www.meroclick.com/2020/12/spynote-5.html It is a stable and fast working...
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    TOOLS Hack Anyone Android Mobile Remotely With SpyNote 5 RAT

    It is especially used for mobile hacking remotely, not for pc hacking. You can monitor your victims devices remotely by using this android rat tool. Download SpyNote V5 Here: https://www.majidzhacker.com/2020/12/spynote-v5-cracked.html I am sharing spy note v5 only for educational purposes...
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    Best Android Hacking Tool | Download SpyNote v4 Cracked

    It is the best remote administration tool for android devices. You can remotely control any android devices from anywhere in the world from spynote 4 cracked. Download Here : https://www.meroclick.com/2020/12/spynote-v4-cracked.html It a stable and very fast working RAT ( remote...
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    I CAN SETUP YOUR RAT AND MAKE IT 100% UNDETECTED FOR $25 dm on discord: isli#0536
  8. adrikadi11

    Sa3eka RAT v1.4

    Sa3eka RAT v1.4 ========== Run File From URL Run File From Disk File Manager Remote Desktop Remote Shell Process Manager Open Chat Keylogger Ddos Attack Open Website Regedit Get Passwords Get ClipBoard Fun Process Server ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber...
  9. adrikadi11

    TOOLS Sako RAT v2.0

    Sako RAT v2.0 ========== File Manager Desktop Access Keylogger Camera Microphone Process Manager Saved Passwords Computer Control Open a website Start Process Send Victim USB Spread Kill Process Explorer Anti Kill Process Hide Process Kill No IP ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945...
  10. adrikadi11

    TOOLS TG-RAT v1.7

    TG-RAT v1.7 ========== Run File Run File from URL Run File From File File Manager Remote Desktop Keylogger Process Manager Get Passwords Registry Editor Fun Open website Server Control ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: russianhackerclub@jabber.ru Hidden content TG-RAT...
  11. adrikadi11

    TiG3R RAT v1.0

    TiG3R RAT v1.0 ========== File Manager Remote Desktop Fun Process Manager Open site Run file Server Control ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: russianhackerclub@jabber.ru Hidden content
  12. adrikadi11

    TOOLS Small Net RAT v5.0

    Small Net RAT v5.0 ========== Run File From Disk From Web FIle Manager Remote Desktop Remote Cam Get Passwords Remote Keylogger Remote Sound Recorder Remote Shell Fun Open URL Process Manager Server Victim infromation Downloads folder Spread USB Spread Yahoo Spread P2P Spread Rar Spread...
  13. adrikadi11

    TOOLS Spy Rat v1.6 Alpha

    Spy Rat v1.6 Alpha ========== File Manager Process Manager Remote Desktop Remote Camera Microphone Keylogger Online Keylogger offline Passwords Registry Manager Cmd EXtra option Copy Ip DDOS attack UDP attack Simple DDOS attack Open Website Server Control ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp...
  14. adrikadi11

    TOOLS Syria Pro RaT

    Syria Pro RaT ========== Remote Desktop Remote Webcam File Manager Process Manager Keylogger Grabber Chat system Clip Board Download and execute Send Message Scripting Batch Html vbs Cd driver Keyboard mouse control monitor control swap mouse taskbar command prompt regisitry editor system...
  15. adrikadi11

    TOOLS adwind multi os rat android linux mac and windows

    adwind multi os rat android linux mac and windows ========== andriod windows linux unix mac fake message open url screen shot keylogger formgrabbing ddos file manager download and execute server control ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: russianhackerclub@jabber.ru Hidden...
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    Hack Anyone Mobile Without Touch By This Software Mobihok RAT

    MobiHok v6 RAT cracked: It is the latest version of MobiHok RAT. It is an advanced version of android RAT with a lot of powerful features. MobiHok v6 comes with a lot of new features that anybody has never seen before. I have provided the MobiHok v6 cracked version download link below. Download...
  17. S

    ?Quasar RAT – Windows Remote Administration Tool?

    Quasar is a fast and light-weight Windows remote administration tool coded in C#. The usage ranges from user support through day-to-day administrative work to employee monitoring. It aims to provide high stability and an easy-to-use user interface and is a free, open source tool. Features of...
  18. nokadix

    TOOLS jSpy rat v0.31 Cracked

    jSpy v0.31 Cracked Many trojans and backdoors now have remote administration capabilities allowing an individual to control the victim's computer. Many times, a file (often called a client or stub) must be opened on the victim's computer before the hacker can have access to it. These are...
  19. eduardoxx


    This Pack Includes Some Mostly Used Rats With Its SourceCode. You Can Use It On Your Own Device For Testing Purpose Link: (React to view content) Hidden content Enjoy!
  20. nokadix

    888 RAT ( Pro ) For Windows + Android v1.0.9

    by Majid Z Hacker on September 21, 2019 in 888 rat, Cracked Softwares, Remote Administration Tools 888 RAT ( Pro ) For Windows + Android v1.0.9 Cracked Free 888 RAT Pro Features : Native Server Work Win ( 7 – 8 – 8.1 – 10 -xp -Vista – 2000 – 98 – 95 ) 64 and 32 Bit Persistence startUp (even...