1. D

    TOOLS BLACKHAT Hackerspace

    Get all blackhat resources such as RATs, Exploits, Generators, Checkers, Sourcecode, Trojans, Ransomware, Bots, Botnets and much more... All from source / no ads / no spam / virusfree Hidden content
  2. thevampire

    Ransomware Builder - for educational purpose

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  3. S

    TOOLS Ransomware Builder V3.0

    if you are using this program, you accept all responsibility. Only for educational purposes. https://github.com/qH0sT/Ransomware-Builder-v3.0 https://scenewiki.biz/2021/03/23/ransomware-builder-v3-0/
  4. adrikadi11

    Infected Monitor Ransomware

    Infected Monitor Ransomware ========== new method of encryption (TripleDES) lock and unlock you can choose your extension now optimized code changed minor things ICQ:653580170 +79017473945 jabber: russianhackerclub@jabber.ru Hidden content
  5. aN0nYm0Us

    HQ LEAKS Ransomware RAT part 3

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  6. aN0nYm0Us

    HQ LEAKS Ransomware Building Part 2 for making money

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  7. aN0nYm0Us

    HQ LEAKS Build Your Own Ransomware and make money

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  8. S

    Ransomware_ Practical Reverse Engineering Course Mega Download

    First Check if the Mega Link Is Valid Then Only Unlock The Decryption Key. Mega Direct Download Link: https://mega.nz/folder/zMN00AKJ/folder/iZ0jSbBZ Decryption Key: V9ZTkIgJiE03YJDDwHe9Jw If the Key is not Working Then only use this Direct Link...
  9. C


    Hi Guys, Today I'm sharing PETYA RANSOMWARE. Sorry that source code is not available but this is working RANSOMWARE. Try at your own risk-=Stripped Content=- I tried it in Virtual Machine and it is working properly. https://mega.nz/#!jNRUgATI!XNl-xweDd4k1TGFw2W6zBcKSNsxdvH1yEVoeFaN9Ers
  10. A

    TOOLS WannaCry ransomware

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  11. H

    (RaaS) Ransomware-as-a-Service

    I found this ransomware as a service that, according to the media, earned over $ 2 billion! http://gang2clcewprad5b.onion http://77okahb3kd5h54do.onion http://rg42eyo6bo23qyq7.onion