1. Phoenixagent

    SCRIPT Bus365 v5.2 - Bus Reservation System with Website

    Bus365 : Bus Reservation System with Website is a very wonderful Bus and fleet Booking System, This Bus reservation system is developed by PHP and Code Igniter.It is mostly useful for any Bus, Fleet and Ticket Selling Company.It has variety of features on on Bus ticket Management. Demo...
  2. Phoenixagent

    SCRIPT Foodomaa v1.6 - Multi-restaurant Food Ordering, Restaurant Management and Delivery Application

    Foodomaa is a multi-restaurant food ordering and restaurant membership system. It provides an admin dashboard, restaurant management system, delivery system, and a full-fledge Progressive Web App. Top Features Highlights Unlimited Add-ons and product customization. Live Order Tracking...
  3. Clouddie

    Braintree CC Checker

    cc checker with braintree api -=Stripped Content=-
  4. gaming4allplay

    PHP SCRIPT Academy Learning Management System

    ACADEMY LMS 3.0 ... Read more about this resource...

    Install NGINX, PHP, MySQL, SSL & WordPress On Ubuntu 18.04

    Learn to Install & Configure NGINX on Ubuntu 18.04. Includes MySQL, PHP, PhpMyAdmin, WordPress & SSL Integration. What you’ll learn Understand the key differences between Apache and NGINX Deploy a Virtual Server on Digital Ocean with Ubuntu 18.04 Attach a Floating IP to a Digital Ocean...

    Complete Web Development Course: HTML, Vue.Js, PHP, MySQL

    HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Responsive Web Page, VueJS, AJAX, PHP, CLI, NPM, Babel, Webpack, MySQL, OOP, Express.js What you’ll learn Develop the ability of solving problems by yourself Master HTML, CSS, JS, and Vue.js Create 12+ Front-end APPs using HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery and Vue.js...