penetration testing from scratch – ethical hacking course

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    HQ LEAKS Penetration Testing with Red, Blue, and Purple Teams- Executive Briefing

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    TOOLS Ninjutsu OS - Flexible Peneteration Testing & Red Team Distribution

    Ninjutsu OS is a penetration testing/Red Teaming distribution based on Windows 10 (build 1909) that provides more than 800 of cybersecurity tools. Features Tab auto-completion Global variables Prefills the commandline A complete arsenal of security tools pre-configured and installed Android...
  3. Dare-DEVIL

    Penetration Testing From Scratch – Ethical Hacking Course

    Learn How To Perform A Penetration Test From Scratch and Make A Reports To Get Your First Job Easily What you’ll learn Signing Legal Documents For Penetration Testing Live Penetration Test In Industry Environment Making Professional Grade Report CR Penetration Testing Methodology Requirements...