1. gharat

    TOOLS Ninjutsu OS v2 PREMIUM OS , like or comment

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  2. T

    TUT All Major Operating Systems

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  3. imdjhacker

    Penetration Testing and Security Audit OS

    Ninjutsu is Penetration testing/Red Teaming distribution based on Windows focused on Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, Android Penetration Testing. It includes a full portable arsenal for security experts, but it also includes pre-configured and installed Android Pentesting Integrated...
  4. Phoenixagent

    SCRIPT PHP OS Detection Script

    Simple php OS detection script identifies different OS (Operating System) you are using in your desktop. Features The script finds out different type of Operating System (OS) used by your client. Windows version can also be identified. Fully customizable and easy to integrate. The script...
  5. alok92

    TOOLS Download Anonymous OS free and become anonymous on the Internet

    Download Anonymous OS for free and become anonymous on the Internet. Download : https://cheonlife.com/y7Da
  6. T

    TOOLS best hacking os{sniper} (not kali,parrot,...)

    sn3per (link to dowload) you can have it in this link this is only for educational purpose
  7. Kritikumar

    Need The torrent or mega Download link of Zorin Os 12.4 Ultimate

    Hey I need an Operating system for my Laptop and I tried mNy types of OS nothing is look greater in my eyes and then I found the Zorin os and I am using it. But now I am curious about how its ultimate version look like. So if anyone have link to download the Zorin os Ultimate version Please...