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    how long does it take to get credit

    Hey all i am a newb here and am curious how long it takes credit to get through from a post. Does it have to be a thread post or any reply post? what kind of contributions get credits here?
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    Hi there

    I'm new here, keen to learn and I'm also a noob at the moment so happy to chat with the experts.
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    noob here

    just joined to checkout this forum. hope to find interesting things here
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    What is going on here

    Hey, I’m new here. This place is cool, and I have 5 months before college. Are there any willing mentors? I’m a fast learner;)
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    Ultra Noob

    My people! I had a hard first half of my thirties and now I am wanting to add excitement and continue my education and knowledge, so I have decided I am getting into Kali Linux. I also want to become more financially free with something I enjoy more than teaching high school. I will make sure...
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    Hello Everyone!

    Thank you for reading :) I'm new to carding but look forward to making new connections and contributing to this community as much as i can! Hope you guys have a great day! ?
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    REQUEST Bins for gift card websites

    Needing Good bins for gift card websites
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    Is this site trustworthy?

    I came across a site with the url cardshopffielsxi(dot)onion. Its a CC shop? Its advertised on a lot of the onion deep searches pages so I thought that the must be trustworthy.. After I have Sent $140 I have heard nothing back... Ive sent emails etc but no luck... ANY ONE HAVE SOME ADVISE OR...