newbie here

  1. X


    Hey guys, i am new to this thread i am writing this so in future i will know how much i able to contribute or whatever.
  2. D

    ANNOUNCEMENT Newbie here

    Hello, Im dnax123
  3. Z

    which is the most reliable cc shop?

    wharrup again, which is the most reliable cc shop outthea? tryna make a move for the first time but i aint sure whassup where to go appreciated
  4. Z

    zeekkeez in the buildin!

    whass hannin? landed on yall via telegram group, lookin for partners in crime and defo tryna learn more bout e-whoring too
  5. B

    New Here!

    Hey Guys ! I've just joined this platform, It'll take some time to be familiar with it. I'm very much doubtful with the credits section, can i get the credits by replying and interacting with the other users posts?
  6. B

    ANNOUNCEMENT Hi I'm new here!

    Hey Guys, I'm new here. Already seen a lot of good stuff. Keep up the good work! :D
  7. M

    ANNOUNCEMENT Hii Everyone on The Fssquad

    Heyy Everyone, i am a complete newbie So Can You help Me with Sending Some Course and books to Me about Freelancing and Business.?????
  8. K

    newbie here

    Hi guys.. Anyone new here?
  9. B

    New to the site

    Hey all. New to the site. Trying to figure out how everything works from the people actually using the site. Thanks
  10. Mr_hack

    i m new hare

    hello my name is lovebaby
  11. C

    Hey there!

    Hey there! I'm all new to the forum. Can't wait to discover all you guys have to share :)
  12. J

    Hello everyone

    Hi y’all, I’m new and hope to get that hang of this site.. seems cool
  13. E

    Hello I'm new

    Hello everybody I'm new and just wanted to thank everyone in advance :)
  14. T

    REQUEST Credit : Help Me Pls

    hi im a new member and really need some credits . please help me thanks in advance.. :)
  15. MasTer OD

    CARDING Carding Aliexpress in 2020 Guide Tutorial

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  16. V

    Hey Guys

  17. P

    Hi all

    Hi everyone. Very much a newbie both to this forum and the world of fraud in general. I don't intend begging for help as you see in other places but will welcome any help and support along the way. Looking forward to chatting with some of you as time goes by.
  18. T

    Welp!! Newbie here...

    Hello... Any form of assistance or update would be highly appreciated. I'm NOOB lvl 01...... I literally just started doing this in order to fund my collage degree. I'm actually very new here and i'm happy to be a part the community. I hope to make some important links/contacts here as I'd be...
  19. I


    Hello! I'm new here I hope this forum will help me learn to deepen and widen my knowledge. And be able to contribute to this forum.
  20. mondragon

    Newbie Here

    Hello everyone. Thank you for accepting me. I am grateful to be in this group. I am from Philippines.